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Letter to the Editor: Suffolk Alumni “Deeply Concerned”

Dear Editor,

As Suffolk University Alumni we are highly alarmed by the actions of the Suffolk Board of Trustees and the damage a vote to remove the university president could inflict on the stability and reputation of the university.

We are deeply concerned that the university’s reputation may not withstand another leadership transition and that the Board of Trustees are willing to gamble with the future of the institution.

We believe retaining President McKenna is best for the stability and the reputation of the university, but we understand that there are two sides to every story. We are therefore asking for the board to postpone any vote until all the information, evidence and community input is heard.

We are strongly suggesting that the university bring in an independent third party, that both the Board and President McKenna agree on, to review all facts and information relative to the boards actions and a vote on President McKenna’s removal. We believe that a third party can offer objective recommendations that ultimately lead to a reasonable resolution. During this review, we call for the Board of Trustees and President McKenna to maintain their leadership roles as they strive towards an equitable solution that is in the best interests of Suffolk University’s students, faculty, staff and alumni.


Alumni for the Integrity of Suffolk University

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