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New format for NHL All-Star game

New format for NHL All-Star game

The NHL has once again decided to change the format for the well known All Stars game. This time the NHL has decided that the whole game will be played on a 3-on-3 format.

The NHL has implemented this policy in order to have the games be higher scoring and hoping that this will create a larger audience to watch the game. The Official rules are as follows from the NHL website, “The All-Stars game will consist of a 3-on-3 mini tournament of four teams (one for each division) playing three 20 minute games. Tie games with be decided with a shootout.”

The NHL has also changed the way that people will be selected to the All Stars. “Fans will select one player from each of the four divisional team, and those 4 will be the captains. The other 40-All stars will be selected by the NHL Hockey Operations Department.”

This changes the way the NHL had before where the captains would pick the players they wanted on their team, similar to the way of picking players for fantasy sports to a team.

The reason the NHL is changing this is because it has been struggling to bring a lot of attention to the All Stars game. All hockey fans know what it is, but not many people watch it because of the lack physicality in the All-Stars game. For most hockey fans, being physical is a part of the sport. However, the NHL is stuck in a tough spot because the hits that the players take now may affect them later in life, so the NHL is trying to protect the players health.

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