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Stage Review: Doris Day in Belarus

IMG_7544Last night I saw one of the last shows in the black box theatre – Doris Day in Belarus written and directed by Suffolk Professor, Wesley Savick – that I’ve called home since freshman year and it was a beautiful bow around the gift that the Theatre Department gave us.

Sorry to sound cliche, but it is!

The show does a fantastic job of showcasing those who are currently in the theatre department while also highlighting alumni who have worked in that space. Starting off with the first act, you are introduced to an intimate seating arrangement wrapping around the Studio space. It allows you to be close and personal to the actors and their characters. You learn about the students and their realizations that their theatre will soon be gone.








You follow them through stages of grief and acceptance of what is next for them and the theatre department. You get a taste of how classes are like, how goofy professors are, and, if you’ve been a frequent theatre department visitor, you’ll laugh at the subtle but hilarious inside jokes.

However, the show isn’t just about us theatre kids, it’s about us as a student body losing a huge part of what we were so used to. Savick does an amazing job tying in relevant scenes from famous Anton Chekov plays to the current situation so well that even if you’ve never seen or read a Chekov play, you will understand the context perfectly.





I recommend everyone go see this show while you still can. You will laugh until you cry and then, maybe, actually cry.


Thank you to the Suffolk University Theatre Department.


Doris Day in Belarus continues it’s run through Sunday, November 22 in the Studio Black Box Theatre in the Donahue/Archer complex. Visit for more information. 







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