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Reflecting on November 13th

On Friday, November 13, the world was shaken after a series of terrorist attacks and natural disasters. There were multiple terrorist attacks throughout Paris, leaving over 100 dead and more that 350 injured. Suicide bombings in Lebanon left more than 40 dead, and over 200 injured. Japan was hit with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake.

Throughout the past few years, and really all the years I’ve been aware of what’s going on in the world, it seems like these kinds of horrible events are becoming more and more common place.

I don’t understand why this happens. I never have, and I probably never will. I will never understand how people can kill and injure innocent people. After events like these, I don’t know what can be said. I usually stay quiet and tend to not post online about what happened. I remain silent in mourning both for the people who suffered during these attacks, as well as for the state of the world.

Something needs to be done to stop these. I firmly believe that we do live in a world that can exist without terrorism. Terrorism is not a necessary thing, and not something that we should be used to. Change needs to happen.

We need actual reform. Facebook and social media posts are incredibly important, and those should continue. The world needs to show support for each other during tragic times like this. But we need to do more than that.

We need to change the way the world views mental illness. If someone goes thorough with a terrorist attack, they are not in proper mental health. The stigma about mental illness needs to go away. Treatment for mental illness needs to be more accepted and available. People with mental illnesses are taught to be ashamed and hide, rather than get the help that does exist. With the exception of the Japan earthquake, it may be possible to prevent these and future attacks if we can help these people before something happens.

There also needs to be mental health services available to those in the countries of these events. From such traumatic events as these, people will have emotional trauma. Services must be available to these people, in order to help them get through and cope with what happened to them.

There is much to be done in the aftermath of the events. We need to support those in the countries hurt by these events. In addition to mental health services, we need to offer other services as well. We need to make sure hospitals have enough blood for the injured, and enough help that they can properly take care of all victims. In Japan, we need to make sure buildings remain structurally sound, and any destruction is cleaned up.

Most importantly, we need to make the focus remain on those affected .We need to help remember everyone who dies, as respectfully as we can. Since ISIS has claimed response for at least the Paris and Lebanon attacks, there will obviously need to be a foreign political response. But this should not be the only focus. These events should not become just another issue to throw into the presidential debate. I don’t know what the political response should be. But I know that there should be one that honors the victims and helps to restore peace. We cannot forget about the innocent lives lost in this.

In the wake of these events, the world needs to come together. We need to support each other and stand together. Help the affected countries as much as we can, both resourcefully and emotionally. Don’t forget about the people suffering in Japan and Lebanon, while still thinking about Paris. Remember the victims, and stand together.

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