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Senior Year Stress as Told by the Cast of Boy Meets World


1. The freak out


Did you know that there are only 8 months left of school until summer vacation? Whether that means you are graduating in May or just moving on to your next academic year, you realize that you are just one step closer to joining the real world.
2. Denial


College graduation and the real world has always been a myth. Last time I checked, we all just graduated high school. How did we end up here so fast?


3.The mental breakdown (and it’s many emotions)




Whether you are questioning your life purpose, your major, your relationships, or what you had for lunch, know that everyone is doing the exact same thing. Even though some people handle stress better than others, we are all aware that this time in our life is hard, and it is perfectly okay to feel this way. Channel all of the anxious energy and create something with it. Give advice to younger students or talk with alumni.



4. Getting advice about how to deal with it all


You talk to friends who aren’t graduating and they don’t seem to understand yet.You try and talk to adults but they seem to have forgotten how stressful this time of your life can be. Everyone says it’s going to be okay but nobody truly understands the stress of senior year until they experience it first-hand.



If you’re lucky, you have friends that know exactly what you need. Whether it is a hug, a big bowl of ice-cream, or just an occasional text message, just knowing you have people there for you is a huge help when dealing with all of your stress.


5. Learning your last lesson in a classroom


Many students think that the future is a dark and scary place. We think that we have to have everything all figured out. To be honest, nobody our age has their life figured out and there is no specific path to be followed. As long as we take Mr. Feeny’s advice, our success is inevitable.
6. Being thankful

Even though we wish our years didn’t fly by so fast, we are thankful for all of the memories we got to share with the amazing people we met during our years at Suffolk. We got to experience championship parades and the snowiest winter in Boston’s history. We made connections with professors, mentors, our friends, and most importantly, we learned about ourselves. ¬†Graduating is a huge step into the right direction. ¬†Congratulations on making it. You should be proud.




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