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Registration Survival Guide: 10 Tips for Signing Up for Classes

It’s almost registration time, so naturally you’re freaking out. Maybe it’s your first time registering by yourself, without an Orientation Leader helping you out. Or maybe you’ve done this a few times now, but it’s not any less nerve wracking. Either way, registration is stressful. Here are a few tips to make it a little less so.


  1. Meet with your advisor

Hopefully by now, this step is done. If it isn’t, you still have time next week before you register. Make an appointment now if you haven’t already. You aren’t allowed to register until your advisor has approved you. Plus, they can be extremely helpful with mapping out the rest of your time in college, explaining the confusing Program Evaluation, and giving advice on what to take and where to go with your major.

Don’t know who your advisor is? Go to the MySuffolk portal, click on the Classes & Registration tab, and then select My Grades & Academic Profile. On the side menu, select My Advisor.


  1. Check your registration time

After your advisor approves you, your registration time will be listed on the portal. Go to Classes & Registration, click on the drop-down Register/Class Schedule, and select My Assigned Time from the side menu.

Be ready to register at the time that it says. If you have a later time, particularly if you’re a freshman, it’s important that you’re all set to go right when your time is. Everyone else in the school is registering the same week. If you forget about your registration time, you could end up missing out on a class you really want to take.


  1. Make sure you don’t have registration restrictions

This tab will be right under My Assigned Time. Check this to make sure you don’t have anything preventing you from registering, even if you think you’re good. These restrictions can include not meeting with your advisor, or not paying one of your bills. These will stop you from being allowed to register on time.

Additionally, when selecting courses, make sure they don’t have prerequisites that you haven’t completed.


  1. Go on

I cannot honestly describe the importance of this website. This website has almost every single professor that works at Suffolk (and any school) paired with ratings and reviews from past students.

Every professor at Suffolk is more than qualified to teach, but all teachers have different teaching styles, just like all students have different learning styles. These reviews will help you determine whether or not you’re going to be able to succeed in a course. If you hate essays, Rate My Professor will have reviews telling you if the course is writing heavy. If you succeed in independent learning with some supplements during the class, Rate My Professor can help you figure out which teachers work that way. Use this website to save you a lot of stress once class starts by knowing what to expect before going in.


  1. Put extra classes in your wishlist

Under the Search & Select to My Wishlist, you can browse all the different classes being offered in a particular semester. Your first move will be to create your ideal schedule, with all the classes you want. If you’re an upperclassman, one class list in mind will probably suffice. But if you’re in your first couple years, you are likely to not end up with every class you want.

Prepare for this by adding extra courses to your wishlist. I know people who make full alternate schedules. Just have some extra options in case one of your classes fills up so you’re not scrambling to find a replacement.


  1. Check your courses during registration week

During the week, there will likely be people registering before you. Keep checking back at your wishlist to see how many spots are left in a class. If it’s Monday and you’re registering on Friday, you’re going to want to make sure you have a substitute for the class that only has two spots left. Do this regularly, rather than five minutes before your assigned time and finding out every class in your wishlist is closed.


  1. Don’t be afraid of waitlists

If there’s a class you desperately want to take, you might be pretty bummed to see it fill up. But you have another option. Rather than registering for a class, you have the option to be added to the waitlist of a closed class. You can be added to as many waitlists as you want, so feel free to do this if you don’t get into a class. People are constantly changing their schedules around, so you might find out during the semester break that you got into your number one choice class after all.

If you’re desperate to be in a class (or need to take it this semester in order to graduate), add yourself to the waitlist and email the teacher (found under the class description). Explain the situation, and asked to be considered to be added if any spots open up. Teachers can approve students to be put in a class, even if there aren’t spots left.


  1. Prepare for registering

This might sound obvious, but make sure you’ll be able to use a computer during your registration time. Sometimes students get registration times when they’ll be in class. Talk to your professor about using your computer during class time or leaving early to register at your time. Most professors will understand, and they’ll appreciate you asking.


  1. Get to good Wi-Fi

It’s an understatement that sometimes the MySuffolk portal is absolutely awful. If your Wi-Fi is bad, it’s going to be even worse. Find a spot where the Internet is reliable to register for classes. Watching the page load after you click the register button is the worst feeling. Make this a little less painful by making sure you have a reliable connection.


  1. Register and Relax

The time has come, and it’s time to register. Don’t freak out too much, and make sure you’re selecting the right options. And then rejoice when you get the glorious screen that you’ve successfully registered for classes. Take a deep breath that this stressful process is over, and celebrate. Eat Chipotle or ice cream- whatever strikes your fancy! Treat yourself.

Try not to stress too much over registering. It’ll all work out, and you’ll be able to get in everything you need to graduate. Just make sure you’re prepared to make the process smoother for yourself.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Also note that registration has been moved to the week of November 16th, due to testing of a new registration program. Students will keep their same registration time, despite the change of registration week.

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