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Ten Ridiculously Easy Halloween Costumes for the Lazy College Student

It’s that time of year again folks- Halloween! For years it’s been one of the best holidays. You get dressed, you go out, you get candy. Nothing beats it. Unless of course you don’t have a costume, which in college is often the case.

In college it’s understandable for the costume planning to fall second to tests, assignments, clubs- pretty much everything. By the time you even think about your costume it’s already October 29th and you’re too lazy to go out and buy an entire outfit.

But have no fear, Halloween for lazy college kids is still salvageable. Here are ten ridiculously easy (and sometimes punny) costumes for the in-need college student.



1. Ceiling Fan

This one might get you a few exasperated head-shakes, but it’s perfect for anyone cheesy enough to love a good pun. Take a piece of paper and cut it into the shape of a triangle, write “Go Ceiling!” on it, and attach it to a stick or straw. Get a plain shirt and write a similar message on the front, and voila, you are the ceiling’s biggest fan.

Easiness: Some effort required, but can be done at home.



2. Nudist on Strike

Perhaps the easiest and laziest of the list, a nudist on strike is simple enough to be done five seconds before you go out, but will still coax a laugh out of your friends. Well, if your friends are easily amused. All you have to do is grab a piece of paper that says “Strike!” and put it over your clothes.

That’s it. You’re on strike. Get it?

Easiness: Extreme. Literally, you do nothing for this one.



3. Harry Potter

If you haven’t already been a Harry Potter related character at least once in your life, I don’t know where you’ve been, but you’re in luck! You can always use it in college and it’s very simple. Just borrow a friend’s pair of round glasses, or go to Party City to buy a pair. Then take eye liner and draw a lightning bolt on your forehead. Now you’re officially casual Harry Potter (circa Deathly Hallows).

Easiness: After acquiring the glasses, you’re in the clear.



4. Ironman

Ironman is recognizable by the masses now thanks to the movies, so you don’t have to worry, you can be lazy and trendy this Halloween. All you need is a light shirt that you don’t mind drawing on, and a highlighter, which, as a college student, you hopefully already have. Flip the shirt inside out and draw a circle in the middle of the chest of the shirt in blue highlighter. Shade it in, then wear right side out, and you’re Ironman! Though technically, you’re Tony Stark. Details.

Easiness: Super easy, could be done five minutes before if you don’t mind wet ink getting on your chest.



5. A Dad

This one’s particularly easy because everyone knows at least one guy in college that already dresses like a dad. Just grab a Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts, and pull up white socks to your calves. Customize to your desirable dad level- add a pen to the shirt pocket, tell dad jokes all night, etc.

Easiness: Depending on the type of friends you have, very.



6. A Crayon

Another cheesy costume ahead, but if you don’t already have a costume idea you’re not really in a position to be picky. First, pick a color. Second, find a plain shirt in the color. Third, go to the store and buy a party hat in the same color. That’s it. Now go out and hope your friends don’t have super put-together outfits.

Easiness: Making sure your hat and shirt match is the extent of effort needed on this one.



7. Ancient Roman

Perfect for Halloween and toga parties, an ancient Roman is arguably the breeziest costume for lazy students. Just grab that sheet on your bed that you don’t use and tie it around one shoulder. Now you’re done! As long as you don’t mind wind between your legs, you’re ready to go, but for the good of everyone I beg you to wear shorts underneath.

Easiness: Figure out how to tie your bed sheet. It’s trickier than it seems.



8. 80’s Personal Trainer

This costume requires the most effort because you might have to gather different throwback articles of clothing from some friends, but it is definitely a top contender on the cuteness meter. Layer short-shorts over a pair of leggings and throw on a tight tank top. Tie your hair up into a side-pony (if you got it) and put a head band across your forehead. Throw on some sneakers, and you’re done! Try to make everything neon if you can, but we get it, not everyone has bright colored clothes to spare.

Easiness: Moderate, but you get the most out of it, almost as if you had this planned for weeks.



9. Joel Goodsen from Risky Business

This one is always a winner. People in all generations recognize Tom Cruise dancing in his underwear, even if they haven’t seen the actual movie (because let’s be honest, how many of us actually have?). To get started, get calf length socks from your drawer. Now put on sunglasses and find a pink or white button down. Technically that’s all you need, but if you don’t want to only wear tighty whities underneath, put on a pair of shorts.

Easiness: A college student should have or know someone with a button down, let’s be real.



10. Ghost

So you’re a lazy college kid on Halloween. What will you be? Why not go as the staple of Halloween costumes: the ghost? People will be unimpressed but respect your traditional getup. Take a white bed sheet, mark where your eyes will go, and cut out two circles. Now wear your old-school costume and scare someone.
Easiness: If Charlie Brown can do it, so can you.

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