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Hollywood Undead Gets the Party Started

hollywood-undead-press-2015-billboard-650If you would ever wish to spend a Tuesday night moshing in a circle pit with 250-pound bearded guys covered in sweat, beer and blood, then Hollywood Undead’s concert is the right choice for you.

The evening started off with I Prevail – Michigan based post-hardcore quartet who drew attention after posting a cover of Taylor Swifts’ “Blank Space” on YouTube. The band’s arsenal consists of only one EP – Heart Vs. Mind, and 8 songs in their set, but it seems to be more than enough since by the end of the second song they managed to make the crowd mosh in a death wall (for those inexperienced with hardcore concerts, a Death Wall is when the crowd splits down the middle and runs at each other).

For a relatively young band the second band of the night, Crown the Empire, has achieved quite a lot. They toured with bands like Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack!, The Used and We Came As Romans; they have played Warped Tour, self-released an EP, then released their first studio album – The Fallout, and released their second record – The Resistance two years later. Crown the Empire sounds like what Bullet for My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold and Bring Me The Horizon were doing in their golden years.

If you haven’t heard about Hollywood Undead (pictured above), then first you should check them out right now and, second, you are most likely mistaken because these masked guys have been making music and hitting charts for quite a while now. Their most recent record Days of the Dead was released earlier this year, and their debut record, Swan Songs, was released in 2008 and is certified Platinum by RIAA. Hollywood Undead are not only famous for the quite unique style of music which involves a very harmonious symbiosis of rap and rock, but also for their appearance.

In the beginning of their career they have always wore masks, but now they usually take them off after a few songs. After playing “Usual Suspects”, “Undead”, “Tendencies” and “Been to Hell”, they took their masks off and then the audience saw not just Hollywood Undead, but Jorel ‘J-Dog’ Decker, Matthew ‘Da Kurlzz’ Busek, Dylan ‘Funny Man’ Alvarez, George ‘Johnny 3 Tears’ Ragan, Jordon ‘Charlie Scene’ Terrell, Daniel ‘Danny’ Murillo and Tyler Mahurin.

The set consisted of 20 songs, including “Folsom Prison Blues” – a cover of Johnny Cash, and Beastie Boys’ “Intergalactic” intro. Although everyone was pretty busy moshing and crowdsurfing, it was impossible not to notice two sets of drums on stage – because why not. At some point they even invited two kids on stage, one being only ten years old. To perform “Levitate” – an energetic piece about relationships, Crown the Empire had joined the stage; and together they produced so much energy, even people who were just standing the whole time started moving and singing along.

Despite the fact that moshing and crowdsefing is prohibited at the House of Blues, security had managed to have the situation under control and instead of trying to stop people and causing any more chaos, they calmly helped fish people out of the crowd, making the experience very pleasant for both the audience and the artists. When Hollywood Undead had left the stage before coming back for an encore, it seemed like every single person at the venue started singing “Everywhere I Go”, and of course it was the song that was performed by the band after they have returned. They performed one more song, “Hear Me Now”, and at that we had the end of a wonderful evening filled with music, energy, and passion. Such events are very rare.

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