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Stage Review: The SUTD’s Fall Showcase

Each of the three student written/directed plays in the Fall Showcase stands out and leaves it’s own impression on the audience. The different personalities and messages of these plays shine through and artfully tell their stories with help from their casts and creative teams.  

As soon as the show begins, the audience is drawn in to the fairytale-esqe world of The Lost Queen. Thanks to the story-telling skills of writer and director Kelsey Endter, the audience accompanies Queen Katherine, the play’s heroine, on an emotionally charged journey of self discovery. When the show ends the audience takes away an inspiring sense of empowerment.

Bethena is extremely moving and seamlessly incorporates dance into the telling of the play’s touching story. The play, written by George Brant and directed by Aria Sergany, has the power to be sweet and lighthearted one moment and solemn the next. Bethena takes happiness and nostalgia and blends them with a sense of melancholy that perfectly illustrates what it’s like to grieve.

The Convicted Prophet, written and directed by Linnea Rose, tells the story of the trial of Warren Jeffs. This show allows the audience to feel as if they are actually witnessing the proceedings of the trial in court while remaining interesting and accessible. The Convicted Prophet also provides an insight into the mind of Warren Jeffs as well as the minds of some of the girls he victimized.   

There’s something for everyone in the Fall Showcase production. Come out and support your friends and classmates because all of their hard work and dedication has paid off in the presentation of these wonderful plays.

The Suffolk University Theatre Department’s Fall Showcase will continue through tomorrow with shows at 3 pm today and tomorrow and an 8 pm showing tonight. For more information visit


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