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Top 5 Places to Read & Study in Boston

By now you have probably been assigned a two page essay that’s due next week or you’re scrambling to finish a book that was finally delivered to you. Trying to find a place to get in that mindset of doing that assignment? Thinking that your room or apartment is the only place you can get work done? There are many hidden gem study spots around Boston, so before you go off to your dorm room to try to do some work, check out this list of the best places to read and study around the city!

5. Trident Booksellers & Cafe

This place is hipster paradise. It’s definitely a hidden gem in Boston and all-around great atmosphere to do some hardcore studying. You could also pick up a book to read with some java by your side. And for all you late night procrastinators this place closes at 12am. Located on Newbury St., it’s not a far walk either.

I would rate this place a 4/5 stars.

4. Rose F. Kennedy Greenway

The Greenway is open every day from 7am-11pm. It stretches across Chinatown, Dewey Square, Fort Point Channel, the Wharf District, and the North End park, with a “mini-park” in each district. For some back history, it was named after the matriarch of the Kennedy family, Rose Kennedy, who was born in Boston. The mini-parks are extremely beautiful during the summer and fall, and without a doubt will make you feel content and stress-free.

I give the Greenway a 4.5/5.


3. Swan Pond in Public Gardens

The Public Garden in general is too broad, so I wanted to choose a specific place to study at. It’s none other than near the Swan Pond, because obviously you can’t study or read in the Swan Pond. But sitting anywhere by the majestic waters (and the many ducks) is a good spot to read a novel or finish some homework.

I’d rate this spot 5/5.


2. The Esplanade

This is the most serene place to chill out in Boston. Even the walk there from Suffolk’s campus is peaceful, offering beautiful views of Beacon Hill. Be aware there will be a lot of movement at the Esplanade, since people bike and run there constantly, but it’s worth it for the natural beauty of the Charles River over the horizon.

I’d rate this cool place a 6/5 (yeah, it’s that awesome).


1. Pavement Coffeehouse

This last place, which is located near the Hynes Convention Center on Boylston St., is another small coffee place. Pavement Coffeehouse is actually a small Boston coffeehouse chain, but this particular location is unique, mostly because it was the first in the chain to open. It’s open on weekdays from 7am-7pm and on weekends from 8am-7pm, so you can have a coffee or sandwich while reading your favorite book. I would try their high quality coffees, (and if you want to take a pic of adorable coffee designs, this is your place to go) from their espressos to their teas. This is a small coffee shop that you definitely don’t want to walk past.

I give this place a 10/5.



Honorable Mentions:

These are more mainstream places to study, but they’re still worth a trip. Before it gets cold, definitely sit out on the grass in the Boston Common. It’s a classic Boston study spot. And also if you haven’t, check out the Boston Public Library. The courtyard they have is very gorgeous, so check it out.

All of these places can be your own personal study spots. Make them your stress free zones!



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