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Senior Crisis: An Open Letter to All Suffolk Seniors

Senior Crisis

In eight months, the class of 2016 will embark on the next chapter of our lives. This is our last fall semester of our undergraduate career, our last Temple Street Fair, our last Fall Showcase, our last time attending school with our best friends…must I go on?!

If you are not stressing out at this point in your life, then I commend you on keeping it together! There are many seniors, including myself, who are worried about maintaining the GPA we worked so hard to achieve these past four years and worried about studying for the GRE/GMAT, all while we are studying for our senior classes. Also, who can ignore the fact that in a couple months, we will be expected to get a job (or go to grad school) and become an adult? We are stressed, but we are not alone in this stress.

Some people knew what they wanted to be since they were little. I envy the students who knew they wanted to be a doctor, accountant, or teacher and have maintained that dream throughout their whole life. I, amongst other dreamers, had the dream of being a famous singer or being a Disney princess. Of course, as a twenty-one year old who will soon be expected to dive into the real world, these dreams became a distant reality a couple years ago. What made you pick the major that you picked? Was it because you liked the subject? Did you see yourself having a successful career with it? Were you attracted by the salary? We spent months choosing a major to study during our years at Suffolk. Now, how many of you, as seniors, still like what you chose? Many people still like their majors, but others (like myself) felt too limited just having one major. I decided to grab myself a major in Psychology, and then minor in both Information Systems and Public Relations because why not?

When people ask us what we want to do with our lives, we cringe. We have many dreams, many skills, and have always been told we can be anything we want to be. We have always said, “I have time,” when it came to deciding what we wanted to do with our lives. What happens when that “time” runs out? What job do you search for when you like event planning, teaching, psychology, web design, math, health, writing, and music? What if you can’t decide between becoming a teacher or going to grad school for something completely different? Many of us get lost in the stress and feel like we are slowly falling off the world we created for ourselves. What do we do?

The answer is this: We are all nervous and we are nervous together. How we each deal with our anxiety about the future lies within our own hands. Whatever you do, do not let your fear of the unknown prevent you from making any steps out of your comfort zone. Writing, talking with friends, or talking with adults in the work force who have experienced this same feeling may help you comprehend this next long chapter of your life. Are you thinking, “How can I pick a job out of college that I am going to have my whole life!?” If you are, take a step back and realize that all of the adults, teachers, and co-workers in your life have probably had multiple different jobs before the ones that they hold now. You have the power to change jobs multiple times, to move across the country, to go back to school, or to do anything you want to do. Even though this is a huge unknown chapter we are approaching, it doesn’t mean that the chapter itself can’t be broken down into several little sub-chapters. If you find what you love, master it, and share your talent, there will always be a job in this world for you. Don’t let outside forces dictate your future.

My 10th grade English teacher, Karen Ficociello, gave me advice that I have held onto since the day she said it. She said, ” Your thoughts make up your world. ” If you choose to live in a world where you believe you will succeed, you will. If you choose to live in a world where you believe you will never have success, you are the only force standing in your way.

Years from now, we will look back and think about how we shouldn’t have worried so much about our future. In life, we never know what is going to happen, and everything that does happen occurs for the best.

But for right now, let’s try to stay calm and close this chapter together.




Someone probably even more stressed out than you are


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