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FIFA 16 review: Women’s national teams added

EA is known for putting out cutting-edge sports games year after year. However, the one series title most of the world looks forward to is FIFA. With Soccer being the world’s most popular sport, its not a surprise that this series takes the world by storm year after year. Popular clubs such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Manchester City are among favorites for players who are both new and experienced in FIFA. With the franchise already being a major success, EA just needed to improve on, and add in new features to an already great game.

One of the most beloved game modes by FIFA players is Ultimate team. In this style of gameplay, the goal is to make the best franchise possible, by opening random packs of players and building and improving your squad. This game mode allows for players to really build and form their own club, making it the most adaptive form of gameplay. Once a player builds their ultimate squad, they compete in online matches against others from around the world. Overall, FIFA does not need to do much to improve this style of gameplay, as the concept of it is already very popular, EA would just need to improve or diminish player ratings based off of their performances in the past year. If players such Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Diego Costa are kept at a high level, then Ultimate Team should be a great success as it was in the past.

The most exciting new feature added into FIFA 16 is the addition of 12 new women’s national teams. For the first time ever in a major sports video game, players like myself all across the globe could not be more excited for this new and innovative feature. National squads from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China PR, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and the United States will be in the game and fully playable. To celebrate women’s national teams being added into the game, United States Forward Alex Morgan will be featured on the cover in the United States.

While the idea of FIFA is the same in every game, every year EA adds new features to help enhance the overall experience. New in FIFA 16 is a no touch dribbling feature, which allows for players to make moves when they do not have possession of the ball, allowing for more dynamic gameplay. Improvements from FIFA 15 in areas of crossing and defending allow for users to truly feel like a part of the game.

Overall, FIFA 16 is one of the best overall games in the franchise. EA not only continues to put out great games year after year, but improves upon already fantastic franchises. With EA’s ability to bring in new features to enhance gameplay, as well as have a near perfect online playing system, FIFA 16 is one of the greatest games of 2015.

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