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An Open Letter to All First Year Suffolk University Students

Dear All First Year Suffolk University Students,

Welcome to the Ramily!! Whether you are a transfer student, freshman, or first year grad student, your first year here at Suffolk is going to be one that you will not forget. From my own experience, I learned a lot about my first year at Suffolk that I wish I had known before. I am hoping to enlighten you on some of Suffolk’s great secrets so you can completely maximize your time here. I transferred here as a sophomore and immediately dived into everything I could. Hopefully you took advantage of the recent Temple Street Fair, but if not, the Winter Involvement Fair is held during the second semester. At both events you will meet every single club that Suffolk has to offer. Whether you are interested in joining Greek Life, our rock band, or The Suffolk Voice, every club that you can think of will be at the event. At these events, you have the opportunity to sign up for club emails, eat some free food, and create some free merchandise! I have gotten snow globes, hats, stuffed animals, and Frisbees- just to name a few. My advice to you is to sign up for every single club you think you may have even the slightest interest in!

Even with the Temple Street Fair over, many campus organizations can be found on social media or on the Suffolk University website. When your email starts to blow up, you can unsubscribe from certain clubs that you choose not to join. Don’t get sucked into a certain club just because you feel like you have to get involved in something. If at first you do not make the soccer team, try again, or create your own intramural team. It is that easy! When you live on campus, you will see flyers mentioning club meetings within your residence hall. However, when you commute, you must pay attention to the walls as you walk to class, otherwise you may miss out on an awesome meeting with your favorite club. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we have Activities Period from 1-2:15. During this time, no classes will be held and most club meetings occur. Clubs understand that you may want to participate in more than one club at the same meeting time, so check your emails and get involved that way. There are always opportunities to hop around clubs and get involved in as many ways as you want!

Once you get involved, everything else will fall into place. You will make friends that share your same interests, you will meet faculty that will help you in your future, and you will make Suffolk University your home away from home. If clubs and sports are not of interest to you, you can join academic societies, get a work study in your favorite department, or become a tour guide. I can speak for clubs, academic societies, and being a Trustee Ambassador enriching my Suffolk experience. Each of these commitments has turned me into the successful person I am today.

Enjoy your first year and stay positive!


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