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College Students in Boston Get Creative to Make Fast Cash

With increasing poverty rates and a competitive work economy, today’s college students have turned to alternative means to acquire extra money.

A recent study conducted by the Boston Business Journal sampled 11 Boston-area colleges, finding that colleges and universities are increased tuition, fees, and room and board by 3.4 percent for the 2014-2015 academic year. Along with poverty rates in MA reaching their highest since 1960, college students are finding it more and more difficult to make ends meet while attending school.

“You have to get creative and investigate opportunities if you want to make some easy money around this city,” said John Polep-Saffer, a Harvard University student.

John has a part time job as a personal trainer, which pays for his groceries and the weekly basics, but he decided to find another source of income. John discovered that his school and the city offers multiple ways to make a quick buck. John made $20.00 at Harvard for filling out a research questioner for a study group. “It was so easy” said John, “I was only there for 45 minutes. I filled out a brief questioner and left with a check for $20.00.”

John’s next discovery was that you can donate your blood plasma for money. Research Blood Components in Brighton gives you $25.00 in cash for your first visit and $50.00 every visit after. “I think this is a great find,” said John, “Everyone at Research Blood Components is so laid back and great at what they do. They actually make the experience enjoyable and you get a hefty reward after.” The only downfall is that you must wait 58 days in between sessions.

Chris Townsend, a Suffolk University law student, is no stranger to the game of making some pocket change. Chris frequents the Buffalo Exchange in Allston where they buy worn, in-style, clothes. “Buffalo Exchange is perfect for the Christmas and birthday clothes that you never end up wearing,” said Chris. He also looks forward to the end of each semester, just like all college students do so that they can resell their textbooks and make a pretty penny.

College can drain your pockets but, with a little research and creativity, students can find the good in the bad when it comes to making extra money.

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