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Face to Face

Hello! My names Emily and I’m so honored to be

Part of the symposium and have you here with me

When I started at Suffolk I had no inkling where to go

I certainly never imagined I’d end up here at this show!

After my philosophy requirements it was a wrap

I knew that I loved this and there was no turning back

Professors Donna Giancola and Montgomery Link

Taught me to open my eyes wide and just think!

A minor, then a major and now here I stand

With just a week left of school and this poem in my hand

And for this final assignment I chose to discuss

The world of technology that surrounds all of us

Though helpful at times and seemingly handy

I believe it makes us as humans less dandy

It takes away from the freedom of just being you

And limits our interactions and unique points of view

Picture this – the most beautiful day of the year

The birds are all chirping and singing with cheer

The sun is so bright your squinting your eyes

The breeze is blowing just right on the back of your thighs

You wish nothing more than to lay in the grass

But sadly you have to head off to class

It’s that time of the day to work your brain

So reluctantly, you head for the train

You step onto the T, not a face is in sight

Just shadows of skin lit up by LED lights

Not a smile, a wave, certainly no contact of eyes

The man to your left shuffles and reluctantly sighs

No one is chatting, or laughing or singing

The only sounds you hear are cell phones ringing

Do they know of the wonders that you just felt?

Don’t they realize its 65 and sunny out?!

Of course not- their high school frenemy just got engaged

And its posted all over their Facebook page

Their e-mail is overflowing with junk

And their list of followers has suddenly shrunk

They’re in the zone, who cares about sun

Staring at screens is what’s really fun!

This happens you see, to each one of us

Our heads in our phone’s obsessed with the fuss

Your soul gets stuck in the tips of your thumbs

Day dreams are replaced with computer hums

Flowers become instagrams, who care’s of their scent

We become the small side of us that we choose to present

I realize, of course, the benefits of technology

But in just 150 characters it’s so hard to be me

I have a deep soul, I laugh, pray and cry

There’s love in my voice and adventure in my eyes

But with fourteen filters and the brightness on high

You can never experience those laughs, prayers and cries

Sometime’s when you meet someone you just want to kiss

There’s a bubbling butterfly inside you can’t miss

But on tinder while you’re swiping all over the place

You may pass by your soul mate cause you don’t like his face

You don’t like his face in the picture that is,

Because you haven’t yet heard that voice that is his

That beautiful voice with just enough rasp

And his hand that fits perfect in yours with one clasp

Human interaction-the best kind of feels

Overshadowed by Instagram pics of your meals


Our worth is dumbed down to our number of “friends”

Or that picture of our brand new Mercedes Benz

What happened to the warmness of somebody’s heart?

Or liking someone because they are witty and smart?

Instead we tear each other down with the click of a mouse

We’re not even safe in our very own house

On social media people are often nasty and mean

But I promise you’re worth more than the double tap of a screen


If only we knew the world beyond phones

We’d notice Earth’s stunning plants, seas and stones

So unplug your lights and look at the stars

Use those two feet and ditch the cars

Look inside at what you love about you

Instead of gawking at Stacy’s engagement debut

Free yourself of the judgmental internet zone

And appreciate the one of a kind soul that you own

Have real conversations- face to face

Just lay in the sand and stare into space


And the next time you find yourself riding the T

Pick out the first feel-good person you see

Turn that stranger into a friend

Let the conversation flow and extend

Talk about life and what makes you smile

Take your short time on Earth and make it worth while

And when the train halts and your time comes to an end

Instead of friend requesting simply say, “hope to see you again!”

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