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Miller’s Printer Issues to be Investigated

Suffolk University’s IT department will begin inspecting Miller Hall printers after the director of the Residence Life Department was notified of their year-long complications last week.

The printers located at Miller Hall on the second floor computer lab have continuously been down throughout the year. This caused many problems for students living in the residence hall unable to print schoolwork.

“There’s never any paper,” Miller Hall resident Amelia Tornatore said, “It just had an ‘Out of Order’ sign for three weeks straight rather than refilling the paper.”

Rod Waters, head of the Residence Life Department, and Miller Hall Director John Rodriguez were unaware of this printer issue until it was brought to their attention last week.

“Obviously there are some areas that need to be improved on,” Waters remarked about the Residence Hall difficulties.

These issues began when the university passed a paper saving initiative two years ago, according to Waters. This initiative gave students a limited amount of prints through “print bucks” in order to cut down on paper waste caused by the unlimited printing.

The printer struggle has also caused students to spend more money outside of Suffolk University to solve their problems. “I bought my own printer so I don’t have to worry about Suffolk’s printers again,” freshman Joseph Benjamin said.

Suffolk University is not the only school undergoing these concerns. “They run out of paper really fast, and the color messes up,” Walker Floyd, a student at Emerson University said.

Waters stressed that in order for the printers at Suffolk to work the computer lab must be student-driven, meaning students must notify their Resident Director or Resident Assistant when they experience problems.

“I want residents to feel connected to their Residence Director,” Waters said. “This is someone who the student is seeing everyday…they are physically onsite.”

Ultimately, IT and Res Life staff will continue to look into these issues to have them fixed by next year.

“All students should know that beyond the Res Life office, when it comes to housing concerns, SGA is another outlet for students to talk to,” Waters added.

If students would like to voice their opinion, they can contact the Housing Committee of the Student Government Association, which coordinates meetings with Waters and the Director of Facilities at Suffolk University.

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