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Rand Paul Announces Presidential Candidacy

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul announced he would be running for president in 2016 at a function in Louisville Kentucky last Tuesday.

“My policies will defeat the Washington Machine and unleash the creative spirit of the American people,” said Paul.

Starting with taxes, Paul said the “tax code needs reform.”  He wants to cut taxes for all people, both poor and rich.  He plans on shrinking the IRS and promoting the private sector, according to his campaign site. His site also states he wants to cut government spending and plans to balance the budget in five years.

Paul plans to tackle the $18 trillion debt that America faces with his tax reform.  Paul said, “As president I will work to authorize common sense solutions that will solve our nation’s fiscal crisis.”

Paul plans on deregulating the economy in order to promote small businesses, which would create more jobs and increase wages, says his campaign site.

Rand Paul supports a healthcare system that embodies free market principles. During his years of being a surgical eye doctor he has witnessed the problems within the system, says his campaign site. Paul’s site says he will work to repeal Obamacare because he feels that government assistance in the health care system has raised the cost for insurance and reduced competition.

Regarding education, Paul would try to abolish the common core as president, because he does not think there should be a “one-size-fits-all” format, says Paul’s campaign site. He would instead create a more localized education system, giving states and parents more control.

Paul is “100% pro-life” and also supports gun rights. “I do not support any proposed gun control law which would limit the right to gun ownership by those who are responsible, law-abiding citizens,” reads his campaign website.

Rand Paul believes one of the main roles of the federal government is defense, according to his campaign site.  However he said, “the decision to wage war should not de taken lightly.”

“I vow to explore all diplomatic options before sending our armed forces into battle,” he said.

As president he would support Israel and America’s allies overseas, according to his campaign website. Paul would promote the bill that he proposed, the “Stand with Israel Act.” This would stop the flow of money that goes from the tax payers in America to the Palestinian authority because they are allied with Hamas, says Paul’s campaign site.

Paul supports a legal immigration system and he thinks it is very important to secure the borders, according to his campaign site.  Paul said, “We should secure our border immediately, increase border controls, and build a border defense.”

“As president, I would implement my ‘Trust but Verify’ plan and put pressure on the Department of Homeland Security to finally follow through on the broken promise of a secure border and an effective visa tracking system,” said Paul.

Some criticism of Rand Paul comes from Senator Marco Rubio, another Republican presidential candidate, regarding foreign policy, noted The Washington Post. The two clashed back in December when Paul accused Rubio of being an “isolationist” by opposing Obama’s move to open relations with Cuba.

Stay tuned to The Suffolk Voice for more articles on the platforms of the 2016 presidential candidates.

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