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Date Night in Boston

Spring has definitely sprung and everybody is coming out of hibernation after battling blizzards the past two months. It feels so good to see the grass come back alive in the Boston Commons from all of the record breaking snow we had in February. Restaurants are blossoming out again like daisies on the ground and the people are flourishing in like the dandelions pushing up. Couples will emerge from all over the places to find the up-to-the-minute date night restaurants, bars and everything in between. There is a plethora of eateries that are perfect for the changing seasons; check out some of these local favorites:

Regina Pizzeria has served slices to many an A-lister.

Regina Pizzeria has served slices to many an A-lister.

This first restaurant is usually on every Bostonian’s list for best places around Boston, even A-List actors have gone here. Regina Pizzeria is easily one of the best pizza/pasta/pictures of celebrities on walls restaurant you’ll ever go to. This place is always popping with its many customers (even some you may know on the big screen). It’s the right restaurant to go before a show at the TD Garden or just a date night. You can never go wrong with Regina Pizzeria, and who knows, maybe you will see Marky Mark.

Switching this up a little bit, this fun place in Boston is very cheap and any broke college student can afford to do this during a free period or even just to take a cliché kiss pic. The Boston Skywalk Observatory has what you want in order to get at least 100 likes on an Instagram picture. Located in the Prudential Center, about 4 T-stops away from Park St. on the E-Green located on Heath St., this observatory is one of the best in the whole country. Go on a clear sunny day during this month or when the sun is setting. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of it and plenty of awesome pictures of the city while spending some quality time with your significant other behind a beautiful background. Did I mention its $11 for college students?

This next stop is for the historian majors or just museum enthusiast couples. I would check out the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum. It’s perfect for an intimate date on a nice weekend day. They also have an interior courtyard that has a beautiful garden, located in the middle of the museum. Fun fact: Isabella Gardner did plenty of gardening during her lifetime so this was an ode to not only her achievements in Boston, but her wonderful love for agriculture. Also, it’s free!

The Thinking Cup is a few short blocks from the dorms at 150 Tremont.

The Thinking Cup is a few short blocks from the dorms at 150 Tremont.

If you are looking for a casual bagel/coffee date look no further. The Thinking Cup is a great place for couples to lounge around in a nice, warm environment. Located near the Boston Common at 165 Tremont St., this place is not yet five years old, and it’s doing better than any other java shop. Everything in there is $8.95 or less so you will definitely get more bang for your buck. Plus, you may learn a thing or two about your significant other.

Lastly, this place is well known to every Bostonian and people walk around and through it every single day. The Boston Common and the Public Garden are perfect if you want to keep it classy and simple. Go out for a picnic with the person that makes you happy everyday just by doing the small things like smile after you say something funny. The Commons and Gardens are pretty much the hub for spring dates and there are plenty of small activities to do there. Go hang out near the duck pond and go for a quick ride in the swan boats or just sit on the bench where they filmed Good Will Hunting. You will not regret the day you go on a date in the Commons. Trust me.

One of these places is sure to work out as your perfect date night. Even if you don’t get the chance to go to any of these places, as long as you have the person that makes you happy, anywhere you go will be a date. The best part is, all of these places are under $20!

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