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California Lawyer Proposes Ballot to Allow Execution of LGTBQ Community

Orange County lawyer Mathew Gregory McLaughlin proposed a ballot initiative called “The Sodomite Suppression Act” last week to allow California to execute any individuals that conduct a gay lifestyle. The initiative also states that any type of “gay propaganda” will result in a $1 million fine or 10 years in jail.

The ballot was originally submitted on February 26th, with the required $200 fee. McLaughlin is pushing the initiative to reach the November 2016 ballot by asking for 365,000 signatures before the 2016 election.

The California Legislative LGBT Caucus asked the State Bar to review McLaughlin, as they believe his actions violate the requirement that attorneys act in “good moral character.”

“We are shocked and outraged that a member of the State Bar would so callously call for the disenfranchisement, expulsion and murder of members of the LGBTQ community,” the LGBT Caucus wrote in a complaint, “We believe that this measure not only fails constitutional muster, but that such inciting and hateful language has no place in our discourse, let alone state constitution.”

Kamala Harris, California attorney general, said she will take measures to stop this unconstitutional measure from becoming legitimate.

“This proposal not only threatens public safety, it is patently unconstitutional, utterly reprehensible, and has no place in a civil society,” she stated.

A petition on created by Carol Dahmen is calling for California State Bar President Craig Holden to disbar McLaughlin for promoting the murder of LGBT people. There are over 100,000 signatures.

While McLaughlin is pushing for his proposal, it is expected that the California State Supreme Court will condemn the proposed law as unconstitutional.

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