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SGA Announces Award Finalists

After weeks of collecting your nominations, the Student Government Association has released the finalists for each category in the annual SGA Awards. Winners will be announced at the SGA Awards night on Tuesday, April 7th, at 7 p.m. at the Ritz.

For Outstanding Student in the College of Arts and Sciences, the finalists are Elizabeth Hurley, Michelle Rosenburg, Erica Brierly, and Tiffany Martinez.

For Outstanding Student in the Sawyer Business School, finalists include Brendan Murphy, Alex Lentoni, Maddie Egan, An Wang, and Matt West.

For Outstanding Senior of the Year, finalists include Crystal Chandler, Kelsey Johansen, Matt West, Roxanne Wilkins, and Caroline Russell.

For Outstanding Junior of the Year, the finalists are Victoria Ireton, Wyatt Costello, Stefanie Aquiar, Elainy Mata, and Elizabeth Hurley.

For Outstanding Sophomore of the Year, finalists include Nicole Perry, Meg Donnelly, Stacey Daniel, Emma O’Feathers, and Courtney Caluoca.

The finalists for Outstanding Freshman of the Year are Jonathan McTague, Peter Firek, Nick DeSouza, Erica Wisor, and Nikki Ellis.

Outstanding Transfer Student finalists are Asha Hirsi, Paula Dixon, Andrea (Quian) Hastings, Joseph Tringale, and Benjamin Jerrom.

Outstanding International Students are Habib Julien Dean, An Wang, Jonathan Acosta Abi Hassan, Tamara Tavares, and Andrea Gonzalez.

The finalists for Outstanding Staff Member are Jesse Beal, Kathy Maloney, David DeAngelis, Nicole Dygon, and Monique Mitchell.

For Outstanding Faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences, finalists include Bruce Butterfield, Graham Kelder, Celeste Peterson, Rachel Cobb, and Deb Giesler.

For Outstanding Faculty in the Sawyer Business School, finalists include Sushi Bhatia, George Moker, William Driscoll, Jeremiah Mee, and Dean Laurie Levesque.

The finalists for the Unsung Hero award (Faculty or Staff) are the entire janitorial staff, Kelli Connors, Dean Ann Coyne, Jerry Glendye, and Timothy Albers.

The finalists for the Unsung Hero awards (Student) are Ellen Tomlinson, Catherine Giovanniello, Jonathan Stone, Victoria Ireton, and Kathleen Andrade.

The finalists for Outstanding Graduate Fellow of the Year are Stephanie Cohen, Abigail Lalone, Meg Evangelista, Lara Solinsky, and Leela Holman.

The finalists for Exemplary Leader are David DeAngelis, Director of Student Leadership; Victoria Ireton, an orientation leader and organizer of the Government Department Student Research Conference; Gregory Fried, professor and chair of the Philosophy Department; and Ashley Groves, student president of the Legal Association.

The finalists for Outstanding Female Athlete are Rebecca Eshoo of the women’s tennis team, Lauren Spencer of the women’s soccer team, Delaney Sylvester of the softball team, and Iliana Quadri of the women’s basketball team.

The finalists for Outstanding Male Athlete are Adam Chick of the men’s basketball team, Andrew Ball of the ice hockey team, Stanton Turner of the ice hockey team, and Tim Benedetto of the ice hockey team.

For Outstanding Coach, the two finalists are Adam Nelson of the men’s basketball team, and Tony Passafiume of Seriously Bent improve comedy.

The finalists for Outstanding Student Organization are SAE (Sigma Alpha Epsilon), Seriously Bent, Program Council, Video Gamers Army, Best Buddies, and the Black Student Union.

The finalists for Outstanding New Student Organization are the Armenian Students’ Association, HeForShe, Legal Association, Study Abroad Peer Mentors, and SU Polling Club.

For Most Improved Organization, the finalists are the Musicians Network, Suffolk Environmental Club, the Student Veteran Organization, and the Student Athletic Advisory Council.

For best Campus Sponsored Program, the finalists are Dancing with the Stahs, the Temple Street Fair, Best Buddies: Spread the Word to End the Word, Fall Fest, and Spring Awakening.

For best Student Organization Sponsored Program, the finalists include the Soul Food Luncheon, the Greek Council Casino Night, and the Rainbow Alliance’s Spirit Day Ally Luncheon.

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