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Boston’s Winter Wonderland

“It’s official, Boston has reached its snowiest month on record with 45.5 total inches,” tweeted the National Weather Service last Sunday.

According to CNN, this is the third snowiest winter on record, with a total of over seven feet of snow so far. The city looks like a real life Arendelle, after Queen Elsa covers it with snow and ice.

For the public, getting around is not as easy as it once was due to delays and cancellations of MBTA routes. Students have had many snow days and school officials are trying to figure out when to make up all these days of absences. Boston Public Schools are considering attending school until June 30th and potentially making up school days within the school year.

At Suffolk University, classes were held on President’s Day to make up for one day of Monday cancelations. Administration has also announced that Friday, February 27th will be taught on a Monday schedule, and Friday, May 1st (previously a reading day) will be taught on a Tuesday schedule. If the school is forced to close again, classes will be made up on Saturday, March 21st.

“This is historic,” said Mayor Martin J. Walsh on Sunday. “We’ve never seen this type of snow in this type of period in the history of this city.”

According to the Boston Globe, “roof and building collapses were reported to police and fire departments in Foxborough, Rockland, Quincy, Canton, Lynn, Newburyport, Hingham, and Stoughton.”

The combination of cold air and strong winds has been making dangerously cold wind chill temperatures. The city is trying to make sure the homeless are in shelters to prevent frostbite and hypothermia. If citizens see homeless people outside they are advised to call 911 in order to help the homeless get to a shelter for safety.

An anonymous source within the Boston Police Department said the police department tag and tow cars that are in the main arteries. The source also said the police officers do not get to stay home during the snow emergency if they are told to come in – they must follow orders, even in the bitter cold.

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