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Must-Have Fitness and Health Apps for 2015

As the second month of the year begins people are settling in to their new fitness schedules and diet plan. Goals have been made and now the aches and cravings can begin. However, even the most avid gym rat can use a little help keeping track of all the exercises and calories. In the past year alone most health and fitness applications for both Android and Apple products have undergone major updates. They can now perform several of the tasks nutritionists and personal trainers are highly paid to do. Check these apps out to make sure your fitness dreams become a reality.

My Fitness Pal is a muct-have for fitness junkies.

My Fitness Pal is a must-have for fitness junkies.

My Fitness Pal – Free – Available in the iTunes and Android Shop

Renowned as one of the most used health applications, My Fitness Pal takes calorie counting to the next level. After inputting one’s age, height, weight, activity level, fitness goal and plan for reaching it (such as losing 1 lb per week), the app allots an amount of calories for each day. It can also calculate nutrition levels so you do not go over a certain amount of carbohydrates, fats, sodium and sugar. Weight loss can be mapped and exercise can be input and saved. There is no doubt that as far as free applications go, My Fitness Pal needs a space on your device.

Daily Workouts – Free/$3.99 – Available in the iTunes and Android Shop

With the snowfall building around the city, getting to the gym can be difficult. Luckily with the Daily Workouts app you can have anywhere from a 5 to 40 minute workout and target zones such as abs and butt without leaving your room. Formerly several different apps, all costing their own share, the combined version makes for a convenient, holistic w

orkout application. Daily Workouts has also added a calorie burned function (activated by inputting age and weight) as well as built-in exercise reminders. As a user goes through their workout, a timer, exercise countdown, video and instructions are displayed on the device to make the exercises easy for even first-timers. Anyone that is busy but wants to build some muscle should look into Daily Workouts.

Endomondo Sports Tracker – Free/$4.99 – Available in the iTunes and Android Shop

Similar to Nike+ (but without the brand name), Endomondo is a social fitness app that measures cardio exercises and monitors meals. It uses the GPS in your device to measure distance, speed and time while running, cycling or any other kind of movement. This application also allows the user to set alarms and play music. Endomondo then adds a social media component by allowing users to upload their progress to online accounts. If you need extra encouragement in meeting your fitness goals, this app will help you stay on track.

GAIN Fitness – Free/$2.99 – Available in the iTunes Shop

A key way to maximize your fitness results is to alternate different kinds of workouts. GAIN Fitness makes finding, logging and tracking different exercises a breeze. With a built-in training aspect, the app provides video and audio aid to effortlessly guide you through your gym session or at home training. Like the Daily Workouts application, GAIN Fitness includes several workout routines (more of which can be added with purchase) including yoga. This app is ideal for those looking to tone and enhance muscle.

Fitbit – Free – Available in the iTunes and Android Shop

Even without the accessories, Fitbit is a great fitness app.

Even without the accessories, Fitbit is a great fitness app.

Known for an extensive collection of accessories, Fitbit ranks among the most well-rounded health and fitness apps available. Features such as an activity tracker, calorie counter, distance tracker, workout log, weight control center and even a sleep monitor make this application a true “all-in-one” fitness diary. Several updates and additions have made this app, though large, easy to use with a clear dashboard where everything can be viewed at once. Fitbit is free, but if you want to maximize the use of the app check out their products list. For those who want a single place to keep your goals and progress together, check out this application.

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