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The Most Read of 2014

The Suffolk Voice’s most viewed articles published this year

10) Students call on University to sot posting blood drives due to FDA policy, by Esteban Cajigas. September 27, 2014

Wyatt Costello, a junior at Suffolk University, took a memorable stand at the first Student Government Association (SGA) meeting since the fall semester Senate Elections in September. Costello urged Suffolk University to stop hosting blood drives due to the FDA policy that banned sexually active homosexual men from donating blood. Since then the SGA has voiced support for Costello’s petition. The FDA is also revising their policies on the issue.

See the original article here.



9) Ten Things to do before graduating from suffolk, By Rebecca Bernardo. January 22, 2014

Before graduating in May, then Managing Editor Bernardo offered some advice for students. Bernardo emphasized working hard and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Read the complete list here.

8) Ten Brutally Honest Tips for Success at Suffolk, by Ethan Hartley. May 26, 2014 

Departing Editor-in-Chief, Ethan Hartley, gives his best tips for success at living and studying at Suffolk University.

Check it the complete list here.


7) Boston Calling Mystery Band, by Mike McMahon. February 08, 2014

First, McMahon found one of the hidden vinyls which revealed Boston Calling’s music lineup. This list include bands and acts such as Jack Johnson, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes, and Cass McCombs. The festival’s organizers also left an empty slot with a “mystery band” which was yet to be announced. In this piece, McMahon analyses and discusses possible acts for the festival.

Read the original article here.


6) Movie Review: Godzilla, by Andrew Bourque. May 16, 2014

As Millennials, almost everybody remembers the Godzilla of the late ’90s. Last year a new version came to the screen and Bourque’s review had readers tuning in for several weeks running.

You can find the review here.


5) Baseball’s New Instant Replay Policy Has its Pros and Cons, by Maggie Masse.  February 26, 2014

Major League Baseball expanded instant replay and not everybody was happy. Masse broke it down and explained why she is split on the new rules.

Read all about the controversy here.



4) Remembering Isabella Gozzo, by Renae Reints.  December 16, 2014

The Suffolk Community commemorated the memory of first-year student Isabella Gozzo, who tragically passed away in December. Friends recall her beautiful laugh and lovable personality in this time of mourning.

Read about Isabella and watch a music video made by friend and classmate Ben Pompilus in memory of their friendship and the love Gozzo inspired in others here.


3) Movie Review: Annabelle, by Kevin Mott. October 03, 2014

Sophomore Kevin Mott dishes on The Conjuring prequel Annabelle. Although published early in the fall semester, this article has continued to generate quite a buzz all the way into December.

Check it out here.



2) Bruins Trade Possibilities, by Maggie Masse. February 15, 2014

With NHL rosters frozen during the Olympics and the March 5th trade deadline approaching, Masse took on the task of finding out what holes should the Bruins needed to fill.

See her analysis here.


1) 25 Signs That You Attended Suffolk University, by the Voice Staff. January 27, 2014

Then Editor-in-Chief Ethan Hartley was determined to capture the Suffolk experience.  Hartley asked members of the staff to put together a list of what they thought came along with the Suffolk experience. The result was the most popular article in our publication’s history.

Start strolling through your best and worst Suffolk memories here. I dare you not to laugh.

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