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Tips for the Ultimate New Year’s Eve Party

Need some tips to throwing an unforgettable New Years Eve party?

Need some tips to throwing an unforgettable New Year’s Eve party?

New Year’s Eve can be one of the most exciting holidays because you can do anything and everything. It will never be a dull moment when you surround yourself in a nice environment with the people you love most, especially when ringing in the New Year. But maybe you’re bored of doing the same thing or always trying to find the fun. Why not switch it up and have a New Year’s Eve celebration at your place to make sure you are at the best party ever? Here are tips to help make this New Year’s a memorable party for you and your guests.

Make it a theme: You know you have been dying to take that Cookie Monster onesie out of your closet, so why not dust it off and wear it for New Year’s? Whether it be a onesie-themed party, black tie affair or maybe even a Halloween-themed party, you will make your guests excited to attend. Unique parties make for great stories.

Invitations: If you’re having a themed party you have to make the invitations with the same flare. While social media invites via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become the norm, but using email or a more direct message can help people see that this is a special occasion. However even these can be impersonal; if time allows, head to your nearest pharmacy and pick up some envelopes and stamps. Make an impressive letter invitation that people can keep to remember your knock-out New Year’s Eve party.

Decorations: Now since you have your theme, it’s time to bring in the helping crew that’ll tie the space and the theme together. Your best friend for this assignment would be Party City; generally during the early afternoon or late morning are the safest time to attend. The earlier you get to this stage, the better.

Have Things to do During the Party: To break the ice with your guests, have some activities to make people more relaxed and enjoy their time there. There’s plenty of of fun celebration games to do, such as some classic limbo, Headbandz or even musical chairs! They might be a little old-fashioned, but they will forever work for any party.

Keep in mind that  there is no such thing as perfect. Do not get worried if one or two things don’t go as planned. Just remember, you got this and you are a cool person that wants to throw a New Year’s Eve party for some friends. Have fun, and get yourself turning up on a Wednesday night.

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