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Let The Youth Of America Have A Voice

An unbelievable high number of young Americans are indeed registered to vote! 68% of the American population ages 18-29 are registered to vote. However the youth political voting movement currently does not exist as 21% of the population between ages 18-29 voted in last election in the United States (Midterm 2014 Election). Young voters feel that the current leaders are out touch and don’t even campaign towards them.

Problems with the American system include the teaching of civics in high schools throughout the United States and Massachusetts.

Easy hypothesis to make that is found to be true: The more civic education one has the increased chances of ones likelihood to be political active and knowledgeable. With curriculum in social science being geared to some out-of-date concepts like the “Articles of Confederation” which a Political Scientist should learn about at the collegiate level in Political theory.

High Schools need to teach civics not something only a select few will learn about down the road. How else will young Americans understand; How the government works?, What are the Bill of Rights? What is a Democrat or Republican?

Basic questions that young Americans sadly don’t know the answer to. Yet many elder Americans believe that politics is for the old as in an age of 40+ to fully understand the issues or even be 40 or older to run for any office. Those ideals are very outdated and reason to why my peers want to stay out of the political debates. The young are the future of this country; we hold the solutions and have valuable input in today’s political society.

Without having young Americans in office we are currently missing out on views that only young Americans critically think of. If my peers had a passion and understanding of Politics like I do we may have been able to solve many of our countries issues, which include, energy independence, drugs in America, our public transportation nightmare, to name a few.

We must embrace the young, we cannot continue to think the youth has nothing to offer because that is sadly wrong and the reason why we continue to progress at a slow level in the recent decade.

Editorial Disclosure: John is a Former Republican Candidate for Shrewsbury Office

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