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Have a Healthy Holiday

The temptation is there, but you can overcome it.

The temptation is there, but you can overcome it.

Turkey, roast beef, chicken and Chinese food are all table centerpieces during the upcoming holidays. Mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing and unimaginable amounts of candy make up the rest of the places of honor at family dinner. It may be the best part about the fall and winter days of rest: all you are required to do is cherish the life you have and eat. Then eat some more, and more, and more until you are full to bursting. Most people wait until the New Year to ring in a new workout plan, but why not curb the amount of struggle later by taking the holidays by healthy storm?

There are ways to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner without breaking your waistline. However to say these tips are easy is an understatement. Temptation is at an all-time high during these days which means it is going to take steadfast willpower to keep from gorging. Keep these points in mind whenever times are hard and you yearn for extra dessert:

  • A little self-control now will make for a lot less work later.
  • Eating small portions means trying more delicious dishes.
  • Keeping your weight under control through the holidays allows you to look your best during holiday parties.
  • Gaining and losing large amounts of weight over a short period of time can cause adverse health effects such as high blood pressure and back issues.

With those focus points in mind it is more than possible to stay fit throughout the holidays. One of the first steps to take to prepare for banquet-sized dinners is to make a workout plan you are prepared to stick to throughout the following months. Allow yourself to reduce your regiment (it is the holidays after all) to one that is quick and sustainable. Make sure to mix strength training and cardio, either alternating days or doing both in a single session. You can also take down your six-day fitness training to a cool four to spend the time with family and friends. Consider this your invitation to relax.

So you are getting your daily exercise in (anyone that says weight-control can be handled in another way is selling something), now it’s time to figure how you will deal with a table of holiday food. Having a healthy snack an hour before the party will help keep you from overeating. You can also make your contribution to the meal a smart option. Low-fat, low-sugar and gluten-free recipes are available in abundance online and never sacrifice flavor.

At the dinner table, take a good look at your plate. Make a pact with yourself that you are only going to have one plate of food. Decide if you want dessert as well. With these ideas in mind, fill your plate with a small amount of several entrees and sides. Stick to a spoonful of each to keep your portions reasonable. If you plan to have a piece of pie to top off the meal, keep your carbs (bread and butter) down and your protein (turkey and vegetables) up to balance out the meal. Remember fruit can make an excellent dessert.

The holidays are known for gluttony and the New Year seems to be when all the guilt kicks in. Why continuously put yourself through the cycle of gain and loss when you can hover at an ideal? Bypass all the future struggle now by exercising and enjoying in moderation. This way you can stay happy and fullduring Thanksgiving and Christmas and take the New Year as a healthy you.

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