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Breast Cancer Awareness: A PSA

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month winds down, voice writer Hannah Miller discusses how breast cancer has impacted her family. 

It was Sunday afternoon in Chicago, Illinois. My whole family gathered around a large rectangular table to enjoy a nice brunch. The topic of conversation: breast cancer. Even from a young age, I knew there was a large history of breast cancer in my family.

My Grandmother, sitting at the head of the table, had battled the big B.C.

I knew her sister and her mother had both passed from it. I knew that my father’s aunt had battled it.

I knew that my own mother and her sister had had their own scares with breast cancer. And I knew that one day I would as well. For me, there is no “If I’m diagnosed with breast cancer, what would happen?” It’s always a when.

According to, 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. This year, 40,000 women will succumb to their deaths because of this disease.

But there is a bright side: most cases of breast cancer are curable.

Still, it is important to know the symptoms of breast cancer. Check yourself regularly and get familiar with what’s usual – anything abnormal could be serious.

Take it from someone who’s if has always been a when. Look out for yourself and look for these symptoms:

  1. Changes in how the breast or nipples feel.
  2. Changes in appearance of the breast or nipples.
  3. Any nipple discharge.

Remember, breast cancer is curable if it’s caught at an early stage. Be smart, know the symptoms and check yourself or get checked regularly.

And most importantly, keep that pink power burning.

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