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Maroon 5: Passionate to Predator

Does anyone remember the sweet tunes of the album Songs About Jane? Or the brilliant idea of a before and after of a relationship in the music video “Goodnight, Goodnight?”

The 2014 version of Maroon 5 has left their charming roots to compete with the surrounding competition.

In Maroon 5’s new music video for the songs “Animals” (which is #5 on the iTunes list) Adam Levine, the main voice of the band, plays a sociopathic, glasses-wearing, butcher fantasizing about a woman who he is stalking. Throughout the length of the music video, Levine is seen displaying stalkerish actions like hanging pictures of the woman in his room, standing outside her house, even getting in her bed without her knowing.

The saddest part is, the woman portraying the victim in the video is his own wife, Victoria Secret model Behati Prinsloo.

Even before the music video was released, the song was considered creepy.

Lyrics like “Baby, I’m  preying on you tonight, hunt you down eat you alive” and “Maybe you think that you can hide, I can smell your scent for miles” is just stomach-churning.

Then the music video set off a wildfire.

Of course, people responded with concern. Maroon 5 felt that the stalker was edgy by appearing sleek and sexy.

Sorry, Maroon 5, you did the complete opposite.

A stalker, who is known as a violent and hostile figure is now seen as someone who simply cannot resists their vile “animal – like” urges when they see an attractive person.

The music video even gets more nauseating when Levine makes gestures to his wife and she refuses. But he keeps coming onto her. The video then ends with Levine and his wife making out naked in a shower of animal blood.

Woah wait, animal blood? Yes, animal blood.

The fact that someone even had the thought of putting that into a music video is deeply concerning. Having the overall concept of a stalker preying on a victim is repulsive when so many people deal with this horrifying act of crime everyday. When rape culture is so apparently these days, why does Hollywood feel the need to promote it?

The underlying fact is in this society, sex sells. It is a hard concept to take in but it is real.

After the whole “Blurred Lines” scandal with Robin Thicke, I thought the presence of sexism in pop culture would change, but it has gotten worse. Even though  Maroon 5 has gotten a lot of flack for the video, there is still support for them.

Many feel since Levine and Prinsloo are married in real life it is okay. Or that stalking is kind of flattering.

No, it’s frightening. The “Animals” video will soon fade but sexual violence and stalking will always occur.

We should stop promoting it for profit. It’s time for it to end.

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  • Jenn

    You are correct, there is still support for Maroon 5.. There will always BE support for Maroon 5. So what you are saying is there should be NO movies, or tv shows with any violence? Hollywood should go all rainbows and puppies? This video is NO DIFFERENT then anything else with a plot. Maroon 5 had a song on their second album about murder.. no one batted an eyelash there.
    Its a plot.. like any other story line. It promotes NOTHING! Not stalking, not violence, not rape. People need to GET OVER IT!
    The band will STILL Be playing to sold out arenas all over the world. And you all will still be whiners..


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