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Mallett vs. Garoppolo: It’s No Debate for Patriots

Stop the fight!

It’s all over and, no, not just because Patriots quarterback Ryan Mallett went 5 for 12 in pass attempts for only 55 yards, against a deplored Redskins secondary. But, yikes, it wasn’t pretty for the third year veteran.

It didn’t help that the Patriots second round pick in the 2014 draft, Jimmy “a mix between Fergie and Jesus” Garoppolo, went 9 for 13 in pass attempts for 157 yards and a touchdown.

They could have put up mirror images on the stat line and the nod would still go towards the young guy, that’s how it always goes in sports. But it doesn’t help the Ryan Mallett cause when you have a guy in front of him who is signed for another three seasons after the 2014 campaign, in Tom Brady.

At the end of Brady’s current deal in 2018, Mallett will be flirting with 30 years of age and, I’m sorry, but the Patriots are not going to just start a 30-year-old QB with no prior experience being a starter in the NFL.

We are not Cleveland, sorry Mr. Weeden.

People also forget that Mallet is a free agent at the end of this season, and thinking he wants to hang around for whenever Tommy decides to hang up those cleats and ride into the Foxboro sunset to maybe be the starter is almost as funny as Jerry Jones’s current mid-life crisis.

Not to mention the fact that the Patriots put guys like Vince Wilfork and Logan Mankins through the contract negotiation ringer, so they are not going to go out of their way to sign a second string quarterback to anything close to substantial money.

Garoppolo could very well not be your starter in 2018, but he is the heir apparent for now and the 22-year-old out of Eastern Illinois is making the former SEC standout in Mallett sweat.

So let’s stop all this “who is going to be the backup quarterback behind Tom Brady?” water cooler nonsense.

Ryan Mallett will be out of a Patriots uniform faster than you can say Garoppolo.

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