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Case Closed: Jordan Will Always Be the Greatest

With the 104-87 loss in Game 5 of the NBA Finals that gave the San Antonio Spurs their fifth championship in franchise history, we now see the once infinite ceiling of Miami Heat superstar LeBron James.

That ceiling now has a max capacity of being just the second greatest player in NBA history, only to be outdone by Michael Jordan.

The bond that everyone desperately wanted to link these two great NBA talents with has been broken for all of time thanks to the player that at one time promised not five, not six, not seven, but almost a decade of championships.

Now that same player says, “We’ll take 50 percent in four years in championships everyday,” in the series closing post-game press conference, where his team should have been swept if San Antonio did not miss four free throws in Game 2.

Michael Jordan changed the game in many ways, but maybe none more apparent than in the search for the next Air to the throne.

The day after we see LeBron go 2 for 5 in the finals, we remember Jordan scoring 55 points, pulling down 8 boards and giving up only one turnover in Game 4 of the 1993 NBA Finals, when he and the Bulls won their first three-peat. We also remember three years later, Jordan winning his fourth championship by beating the Seattle SuperSonics in six games.

There will never be another like Jordan. There will never be a player that has the impact that he had.

It’s a curse that the NBA has been dealt in his aftermath. We are filled with a league of false prophets led by the forward from Akron, Ohio, who maybe has “Championship DNA” running through his veins, but does not possess the heart of a champion that the truly great players, like Jordan, have.

LeBron James may go down as the most talented player to ever step foot on basketball court, but does that mean anything if you never live up to that potential?

There will still be people out there that defend the four-time MVP. And to his credit LeBron does just enough to keep you still hoping and believing that one day he could develop into that player. But that reasoning, that dream, is why he will never be the best.

Michael never had to develop the fire that LeBron is desperately searching for. It was already in him.

Jordan never had to recruit a Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and now Carmelo Anthony to help him win titles. He just did it.

This latest NBA Finals loss highlights why “The Chosen One” is just another false prophet in a frantic search for the second coming of “His Airness.”

James’s 31 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 blocks in Game 5 will look better and better as the days turn into weeks and years.

But if you look beyond the box score and if you watched Game 5, you saw LeBron James punch the Spurs in the mouth with a 22-6 run to open the game. And when they swung back and cut the lead to 7 by quarter’s end, he tapped out.

Even if LeBron James wins more championships in the coming years and passes Kobe, Bird, Magic and a litany of other players that still stand ahead of him at this point in NBA history, he will never dethrone the man that everyone penciled in he eventually would.

Talent wins games, but team work and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan 

“Follow my lead.” – LeBron James 

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