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Movie Review: 22 Jump Street

22-Jump-Street-5Movie’s all the time do the possible. They make money, build an audience, get a reaction from said audience and sometimes even warrant a sequel. We saw this with 21 Jump Street two years ago. However sequels have an even harder time performing in the same way; 9 times out of ten sequels will come out in theaters and make some money but the audience will be smaller, the support likewise and the chance of a third is slim to none. But sometimes production teams can do the exact opposite.

This years Jump Street sequel 22 Jump Street has done just that; the seemingly impossible. It builds off of the first and goes higher than expected. The characters are the same that we fell in love with but also feel reinvigorated and grown. The material is as funny and exhilarating as the first time around if not even better and more impactful. And the normal comedy slapstick action movie cliches are old and yet feel so fresh. This may be the most brilliant aspect of the film. It takes the archetypal model of a slapstick college comedy, buddy cop action flick and a romantic comedy and completely turns them on their heads, both making fun of the genres and sticking to them enough to keep the audience engaged with what they know and love while simultaneously offering up delectable originality in the form of one of the most genius and satisfying comedies to come out of Hollywood since Bridesmaids back in 2011.

There’s something so completely fun about watching the heartwarming chemistry between Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill unfold. Even if what they are doing on screen at that moment isn’t sidesplittingly funny (which it often is) you still find yourself smiling due to the infectious jovial spirit that they illicit throughout this nearly two hour neoclassic opus. But aside from the two leads the supporting cast fills in all the edges and dead space that Tatum and Hill can’t fill themselves. Fan adoration for Ice Cube’s colorful and loud mouthed captain was definitely rewarded as Cube spends a significant chunk of the movies length on screen instead of just sitting in the offices back at Jump Street for little side scenes here and there, and what he is in quickly becomes some of the films best scenes due to his impeccable ability to deliver hilarious content without breaking his stone like facade. Dave Franco and Rob Riggle reprise their characters from the first film in a couple beautifully disgusting scenes. Newcomer Jillian Bell proves a worthy contender to the comedic likes of Tatum and Hill dishing out exquisitely dead panned moments one right after another. Nick Offerman plays his usual grizzled, “I’ve had enough of this bulls**t” character style while still nabbing a few laughs here and there. Among all these main supporters there are cameos thrown around including names like Queen Latifah, Patton Oswalt, Bill Hader, Richard Grieco (from the original television series 21 Jump Street) and famed dj Diplo.

The endurance of this film is something worthy of mentioning as it takes almost 2 hours to unfold in front of you and the amazing thing is it doesn’t slow down. It feels like a rush of adrenaline throwing you grand action sequences, countless laughs, genius plot moments and a cast that is firing on all cylinders. It does all this without becoming overkill. It’s simply a great summer comedy that both stays within it’s comfort zone and yet completely obliterates it. So if you find yourself a fan of the comedic and general talent of the two leads, or are just longing for quite possibly the funniest movie-going experience you have had in a while, see this movie. It satisfy’s with in it’s own ridiculous way scene after scene.

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