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Mad Men: The Runaways Recap

In season 7 episode 5 we start with Stan finding drawings of a cartoon character drawn by Lu. They, like Lu, are dated and bland. Stan shows the drawings to the rest of creative and they predictably mock them behind Lu’s back until he catches them.

Don’s past confronts him yet again but this time not in a negative way. He finds out that Stephanie (Anna’s niece) is in Los Angeles and very pregnant. Naturally she needs help and Don is more than happy to offer it. His life is getting back into order and he has always found comfort in his semi marriage to Anna Draper. Don offers up Megan’s house as a place to stay and he immediately drops everything to try to fly out to meet her.

However, things don’t exactly go according to plan. Megan was friendly towards Stephanie up until the point when she saw her as a threat and passive aggressively forced her out. Megan saw someone who was a complete stranger and knew Don better than she did. It also seemed as though she thought Stephanie and Don had a sexual history. Jealously set in for Megan when she realized that Stephanie was more important to Don than she was. How should one solve this problem? Offer up a threesome with a friend of course! It was a desperate attempt to reconnect to Don and try to repair their marriage. Unfortunately for Megan, it didn’t seem to work all that well.

Over at the Francis’ house, Betty oversteps her line by bringing political talk into a social gathering. Henry is forced into an awkward position as he tries to draw the line between his political work and his social life. Betty has pride of how grown up she has become since the beginning of the series and wants to show her neighbors that she knows what’s happening in the world. The two argue over the conversation later on and Betty refuses to return to being as submissive as she was in her marriage with Don.

Back in Los Angeles, Don finds out from Harry that Lu and Jim Cutler are secretly trying to force Don out of the agency by pursuing a new tobacco company. If they get it Don would have to leave because of his open letter to all tobacco companies a couple of seasons back. He counters this by showing up to the meeting unannounced and stating that he would be happy to leave SC&P if the company came over. The best defense is a good offense.

This episode also saw the downfall (and potential final view?) of Ginsberg, who was seemingly pushed to the edge of insanity by the new computer that took over the creative space. The constant hum was the straw that broke the camels back and drove him to madness. At first it was almost believable of his annoyance with the machine, then he started accusing it of turning men homosexual and it was evident that he was unreasonably paranoid. For Peggy, Ginsberg has always been a bit of an odd ball but what brought her attention to his true mental state was his present to her. He cut off his own nipple and put it in a box for her… take that as you may.

Peggy decides to call for help and Ginsberg is taken away. He begs Peggy to get out while she still can in front of the entire office. As he is wheeled out Peggy turns to the computer and ponders it. Can this machine truly be evil?


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