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A Night at the Arts Show

photo 1The night of friday April 25th proved to be an artistic and beautiful one for Suffolk University’s New England School of Art and Design (or NESAD). The senior Fine Arts show showcased the beautiful works of four graduating and talented students Karl Benner, Sharon Eblacker, Emily Dumala and Mallory Salvaggio.

photo 5The works varied from interpretive, grotesque, innovative, narrative and overall beautiful.    However the work done by Ms. Salvaggio caught my eye the most. Upon walking into the gallery you are greeted with a wall of what appeared to be squares of different shades of tan. To only say this you would actually be right, but upon further inspection you come to realize that these tan squares are actually zoomed in close ups of different parts of two people’s bodies. The bodies of Salvaggio her self and her boyfriend Brian Bernhard. A piece of arm here, some genetalia there, a confusing mass of hair and skin there.

At first the piece (pictured left with Salvaggio herself) exerted a sort of captivating repulsion. However after talking with Mallory and hearing the defense of her work it became something less gnarly and more a thing of pure beauty. “I am engrossed with exploiting the uniqueness of the human body with photos and poses choreographed to confuse and intrigue the eye… My work is an exploitation of both the topography of the human body and our assumptions about what we are seeing.” Her positioning of the photos created a sort of puzzle for the viewer to piece together on their own. One of the most interesting aspects of the entire piece was not the piece itself but the commentaryphoto 4 from other gallery goers as they took in the piece and gave their suggestions as to what part of the human body that they were looking at. It became a sort of ongoing debate amongst passersby that was both interested and humorous to overhear.

As for the rest of the show the pure determination and passion of these young brilliant artists truly shown through. For example Eblacker’s grand and exquisitely orchestrated representation of a post-apocalyptic room (pictured right) truly engrossed you as you not only gazed at its detail but walked through and entered another world far more destructive and grisly than our own. All of the work brought its own beauty and story to the gallery and it truly was one of the most enjoyable events that Suffolk had to offer for the 2013-2014 academic year.

photo 3(An additional piece by NESAD senior Rachel Ranese)

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