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A Freshman Reflection

So here I am. The summer after my freshman year is upon me and what a year I just lived.

If you told me just nine months ago that I would have seen, done and experienced all that I have I probably would have laughed in your face or asked you how you just predicted my future and how I could possibly get into doing that.

Back in september I emerged onto the commons as a timid, vulnerable freshman open to any and all opportunities that were waiting for me.

The first two weeks were rough, I hadn’t made any friends yet, my roommates were very strange (and continued to be… love you guys.) It was the first time that I was living away from home for an extended period which was daunting and exciting at the same time and I, quite frankly, had no idea what I was getting myself into. But after I got involved with The Suffolk Voice and Suffolk’s Theater Department and settled into my classes and dorm, I really developed a sense of home and comfort here.

The Voice and theater department became my family away from home (especially my college parents and Voice editors Ethan Hartley and Rebecca Bernardo) and they really helped acclimate me to this weird wild world that is college, although going along with Suffolk’s dry campus policy it wasn’t as wild as I’m sure everyone else’s freshman experience was (looking at you Umass Amherst.)

But it truly was memorable and I’ll think back on it forever.

The friends I made in 150 Tremont will, hopefully, last a lifetime and the experiences, lessons and mistakes (many, many, many mistakes) that I have learned and made will continue to shape me into the bright accomplishing student that I yearn to become during my time here.

What surprised me most about Suffolk was the amount of activities and opportunities that you can be a part of here.

The fact that within my first month I was already doing what I love by seeing and reviewing movies for free and acting in shows was awesome. The generosity and help that I received from both faculty and my peers was amazing and I’ll never forget it.

Throughout my year here I had the ability to act in ten productions (two faculty shows, two student showcase plays, five directing finals and a senior thesis project), write 18 articles for and become the editor in the Arts & Entertainment section of the Voice. I was also offered a Co-op position at The Boston Globe in the Living/Arts department for next semester.

Going and living here has been very beneficial to me and I hope it worked out that way for many of my fellow freshman. To those who are transferring you’ll be missed and I hope you find greatness in your next school and in yourself.

My advice to any and all incoming freshman for the fall and spring semester’s is to sleep whenever you can, ask around campus about what professors to take and which to steer clear of, examine the food in the cafe’s around campus before you eat it and don’t be pompous.

It may have worked for you in high school – but college is a completely different ballgame.

And if you think you are above eating food from 7/11 or the glorious motherland that is the 24/hour two floor Walgreen’s on Washington St. you are not. Those places saved my life and my wallet countless times and they will for you too (also you may be surprised by all the variations you come up with for ramen and easy mac… I certainly was).

So here’s to the next three years in store for me here at the wonderful and weird place that is Suffolk University. May it bring me good fortune, a wealth of knowledge and lasting friendships that will live on for years after I grab that diploma come graduation day.


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