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Outgoing SGA Executive Board Leaves Its Mark

With the passing of the gavel at the 2014 SGA Awards, the torch has been passed from the outgoing Executive Board to the incoming one.

The outgoing board of President William Cerullo, Vice President Vito Gallo, Secretary Geraldin Batista, and Treasurer Tyler LeBlanc has left a mark on Suffolk University, and puts the incoming SGA members in a position to succeed.

“I have learned so much from this Executive Board,” said incoming Vice President, Colin Loiselle. “These four leaders have shown their dedication not just to Student Government Association, but to the entire school through everything they do on a daily basis.”

The board has made many changes, including the formation of the Commuter Student Task Force, which has helped to ensure that commuter students at Suffolk have a voice.

The 2013-2014 Executive Board also formed a campaign to help cut down on smoking outside of the Sawyer building, and helped set up a student area on the ninth floor of 73 Tremont.

Part of the success of this year’s E-board was ensuring that all members of the organization actively contributed. In prior years, the Executive Board would come to a decision with the help of just a few members of the SGA.

The expansion of open forums has allowed for more feedback from students, faculty, and SGA members.

President Cerullo made sure to delegate work to the members of the SGA in an effort to make them feel more involved. This helped the SGA become more transparent, as almost everyone had a way to be involved. As a commuter student, he was sympathetic to other commuters. He helped lead the charge to create for programs focused for them.

Vice President Gallo, who has held the position for two years, has helped maintain the retention rate of Senators. Gallo also helped allocate resources for clubs during his tenure.

Treasurer LeBlanc came into a tough position this year. Organizations lost their corporate cards, which left some clubs without budgets. LeBlanc helped mend the damage and secure the funds the clubs needed.

Secretary Batista planned every event the SGA held. She did so while serving as the President for the Black Student Union, which won “Outstanding Student Organization of the Year” at the 2014 SGA Awards.

“Geraldin is one of a kind,” said her successor, Dennis Harkins. “She is flawless. She is motivated. She is the”

Loiselle shared his thoughts about the future of the SGA.

“I think the scariest part about being in their shoes next year, is the trouble I will have filling them,” Loiselle said. “I am confident, though, that they have given me and the rest of the incoming Executive Board the knowledge and tools we need to lead SGA in the same manner they have.”

The last meeting of the semester for the SGA will take place on Thursday at 1:00 p.m. in Donahue, Room 311.

Below are the new members of the incoming SGA Executive Board:

President: Tyler LeBlanc

Vice President: Colin Loiselle

Secretary: Dennis Harkins

Treasurer: Rakan Alzaydi

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