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Suffolk Law School’s Admitted Students Day

Last Saturday, March 22, the halls and classrooms of the Suffolk University were filled with parents, faculty, and students of all ages. The hosted its annual Admitted Students Day, where prospective students were given information on financial aid, introduced to professors and alumni, and taken on tours by current students.

The day began with an orientation meeting for accepted students. From there, students were shown around the school by current students, who offered advice and information throughout the tour.

Complementary lunch was served to all of in attendance. The selections ranged from a salad and sandwich bar to hot prepared meals served by the cafeteria.

“Overall, I really enjoyed my [time] here,” said Suffolk Senior Dyana Boxley. “I am interested in Public Interest Law and at Suffolk I have really been able to pursue that.”

However, Boxley warned students that the Law School does not come without its challenges. She advised prospective students to be prepared for a different type of education, where the size and style of instruction can be vastly different from student’s undergraduate experience.

“I went to a liberal arts college where I was used to doing a lot of reading and writing,” said Boxley. “I was used to getting great grades on papers and when I came here the expectations and style of teaching was completely different.” Boxley specified that the unlike undergraduate classes, “It’s all lecture and Socratic Method, even the writing is different.”

The learning curve involved with the transition to can be daunting and students have adopted different means of coping.

Senior Lucas Oliver emphasized the importance of staying fit, “I think physical activity helps to relieve stress from school, especially if you previously played sports in high school or undergrad.” Oliver also suggested utilizing the confidential hotline, which was put in place for law students to have an outlet for their thoughts and concerns. (Counseling Center: 1-(617)-573-8226 for Law and non-Law students.)

Boxley noted that students would have to get creative at times, “My first year I didn’t feel that I had an outlet, so me and a student started our own organization. We had an official time and place to meet, so it helped foster a group of students you could feel close to, which helped.”

Attending Law School has traditionally been considered a rigorous undertaking, however, with the arrival of globalization and an increasingly competitive job market, students face even more challenges.

According to Dr. Sara Dillon, Co-Director of the International Law Concentration at Suffolk Law, students should begin planning a specialized career as early as possible.

“One difference today is that students have to think strategically from day one,” said Dillon. “They have to immediately consider why they are here and what they are trying to achieve.”

Dillon believes that incoming law students will benefit from the resources Suffolk has to offer, “We offer lots of opportunities,” she said. “We offer instruction on how to meet people, how to be professional, and how to expand your connections through networking.”

Dillon noted that is a big investment to make and in a very competitive world, choosing the right career concentration is key. “If you’re going to in 2014 it helps to have a concrete set of goals, things can change but you want to come in with a solid plan, and I think in our [program] we have invested in helping people do that.”

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