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Seniors in Suffolk Sports: Jon Stauffer

Jon Stauffer, from Lansdale, Pennsylvania, is no stranger to being a leader on and off the ice.


Stauffer on Senior Night

Stauffer is a senior captain for the Suffolk University men’s ice hockey team. Before starting at Suffolk, he played junior hockey for the Springfield Pics for two years. He graduated Methacton High School in 2008.

In four years for the Rams, Stauffer has 13 goals, 37 assists, and 50 points in 98 games played. Stauffer has had at least 10 points in all four seasons.

When not on the ice, the fourth-year defenseman can be found bartending at The Wild Rover and Sissy K’s. He is a supporter of all Philadelphia sport’s teams, but has admitted to becoming a fan of Boston teams as well.

Ashley Proctor had the pleasure of sitting down with Stauffer for an interview and learned about some of his favorite moments as a Ram; and what he hopes for the future.

Ashley Proctor: What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned?

Jon Stauffer: [At Suffolk:] Probably being able to live on my own in the city and learning how to budget money. Also, balancing school, work, a social life and hockey.

[From the team:] Gaining more knowledge in teamwork abilities and learning how to become a leader throughout my four years.

AP: How do you balance school, work, and hockey?

JS: It’s a lot, but my work helps me and works around my hockey schedule. Other than that, I’ve been doing it for two years now and you just find a way to get things done. You have to do a lot of planning ahead.

AP: If you could redo one thing while at Suffolk, what would it be and why?

JS: It would probably be my Sophomore year … we had a pretty rough season, so I’d probably just redo the whole year [laughs].

AP: Where is or where was your favorite place to hang at Suffolk?

JS: Freshman year it was definitely the café at Tremont, but other than that I’m pretty into my apartment. We like having parties and stuff at my apartment.


AP: What was your favorite class and why?

JS: I really liked my PAD [Social Change] class; it was pretty informative and talked about a lot of current events.

AP: What do you see yourself doing out of Suffolk?

JS: I’m not really sure yet, I’m looking for a job right now. I’m a management major so something in management or marketing because that’s my minor. I’m kind of interested in that right now. I’m taking a couple of classes now and it’s pretty interesting.

I would like to stay in the area, but moving home is definitely a good option … I kind of miss my family a little bit. I was a financial advisor over the summer at New York Life, but I’m not really sure that’s the career path I want.

AP: Now that you will be out of classes/graduated, what do you look forward to doing the most?

JS: Definitely making money to be honest, money makes the world go round.

AP: What are you going to miss most about Suffolk?

JS: Hanging out with the guys in the locker room and outside of the rink. Also, the city life… I didn’t think I would like the city, and then I came here on my visit and fell in love. So yeah, the city life and every day living … waking up in the middle of Boston and it becoming your home.

AP: Any advice for underclassmen?

JS: Live in the dorms your freshman year and make all the friends you can, and then just live it up and enjoy it because it goes by quick.

AP: Feelings on your last season at Suffolk?

JS: We’re making a playoff push right now so I mean that’s exciting. I definitely wish we could have done things a little differently to put ourselves in a better position. Overall I’m pretty happy with it I love the group of guys I play with right now.

AP: What are you going to miss most about the team?

JS: The locker room stuff with the guys definitely. Before and after practices before and after games, it’s probably some of the best times and best conversations you can in college.


AP: Is there a game or moment from your college hockey career that stands out?

JS: My freshman year we played Salve [Regina], I scored a hat trick and had two assists so I had five points. And that was my first goal of my college career and my first hat trick obviously.

AP: What does it mean to be a captain?

JS: It’s an honor. Guys look up to me and look for me for advice both on and off the ice. They look to us to kind of give them the answers.

AP: Do you have any advice for future captains of the team?

JS: Try to be leaders, try to be laid back and be understanding of the guys and know that all your thoughts might not be what the team is thinking.

AP: If you could leave one thing to a member of the team, who would it be, what would you leave and why?

JS: [Laughs] I would probably leave my offensive ability to [Andrew] Ball so he can maybe score a goal.

This is Part One of a three-part series on the men’s ice hockey team seniors. Stay tuned for Part Two! 

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