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10 Signs That You’re a Suffolk Senior

Although it seems like just yesterday, your time as a gawky college freshman is long behind you. You’re a senior! The epitome of a mixture of coolness and experience. You know the ins and outs of everything important at Suffolk (and you’ve probably ridden that creepy ass elevator in Archer at least once). Graduation is now breathing down your neck and on some levels, you’re probably terrified. However, I think we can all agree that being a senior is pretty cool. We’re the veterans, the been-there-done-that’s, the pinnacle of a Suffolk University undergraduate education (for better or worse). And these here are 10 signs that you yourself are a Suffolk Senior.

1.) You have evolved from a weekend drinker, to an occasional weekday drinker, to a “Why the hell not?” drinker.


2.) You didn’t register for a class that you actually wanted to take because it was only offered before 10:00 a.m.


3.) You have a nagging urge to act like Billy Madison in that freshman level class you only registered for to fulfill your program evaluation.

billy madison

4.) You submit completely half-assed work more often than you should and somehow still get decent grades.

Unexpected win

5.) Your notebook is filled with an assortment of doodles ranging from “slightly bored” to “I should have gone to NESAD.”


6.) You have mini freak outs where you doubt your choice of major, chances of a successful career, dietary choices, and whether or not you’re actually a “functioning” alcoholic almost weekly.


7.) You’re in a weird in-between world of feeling like a student (“SPRING BREAK WEWWWW”) and feeling obligated to act like a grown-up (“I don’t care about your Spring Break plans”).


8.)  You dread nothing more than the “What are you doing after graduation?” question.


9.) Every time you hear about a classmate landing a grown-up job you feign support while silently you seethe with jealousy.


10.) You’re reading this to procrastinate from doing homework or some other important activity.


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