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9 Signs That You’re So Over Winter (As Told by Frozen Characters)

No. I don’t want to build a snowman. These are my signs that winter has overstayed its welcome.

1.Every time you think that was the last snowstorm, and all of the sudden snow just starts dumping from the sky.


2. That day your shoes just didn’t have enough traction.


3. When you would just lay in your bed praying that Mother Nature will bring Spring soon.


4. The almost completely unavoidable winter colds. *Sniffle*


5.Walking outside during a snow storm and you literally can’t see anything in front of you.


6. When you finally make it to your building, but you’re halfway frozen and make the final lunge towards the door.


7. There is always that one person that throws a snowball, and you are two seconds away from drop kicking them into a snowbank.

frozen 7

8. The winter weight gain. All those hot chocolates and warm comfort foods start to add up.


9. The point in winter where you’re just so cold that you just can’t feel anything anymore, and you finally think you built up a cold immunity. *It’s called frostbite, and you should probably get that checked out*


But hang in there, warm weather is on the way!


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