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Sochi Closing Ceremonies

For all those who watched the opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympic games, there was terrible horror as there was a mechanical difficulties with the rings opening. Instead of the five rings transforming from snowflakes into the symbolic Olympic rings, one remained a snowflake. Twitter exploded with tweets about the mishap, saying their opinions in 140 characters of less.

The Russian citizens who were watching the event on television reportedly did not see the mishap, but instead saw a recording of practice runs from earlier in the day.

Worldwide, the damage was done, but Russia took their twist on the mishap by creating a t-shirt that pointed fun at the event. The t-shirt had four rings opened and one ring unopened.

To add onto the cover up of the embarrassment, at the closing ceremony of the Sochi Olympics, the performers created a visual of the four rings and one individual snowflake not opening up, before they finally ran out to create an open ring, completing the five Olympic rings.

This performance worked because it added a comedic view to the mishap. It showed that the Russian performers and government recognized their mistake in their presentation and were not going to let that mistake ruin their reputation of being host to the 2014 Olympic games.

Everyone is human, and being human means there is not going to be perfection every single time. But there is always room for improvement.

Russia showed that they could improve any situation and make it the best spectacle the world has ever seen; disguising the mistakes by making the mishap a grand part of their performance. Even with the small mishap in the opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympics, the presentation of the Olympics had a beautiful mastery of artistic talent brought by the performers and mechanics of the ceremony, as well as by the athletes themselves.

The athletes were concerned with the extremely warm weather and how it affected their overall performance, but the spectators were not complaining. It was a happy medium between the two which allowed for a comfortable temperature to view the events. The close proximity of the individual arenas made for easy transportation to and viewing of the different events, which made travel plans to each event less hectic and stressful for both athletes and spectators that wished to cheer on their home teams and athletes.

In the broad spectrum of the Sochi Olympics, presentation-wise, they were very successful; all the key elements of grandness were there. Russia created the perfect image with the fireworks and elaborate designs. Designs that had symbolic meaning to the country itself, allowed for the athletes and the audience to bring home not only the experience, but also intelligence of where they competed, and the foundation of Russia.

The living conditions of the athletes and the tourists caused complications that evident at the Sochi Olympics. Reports of the facilities offered were disastrous, not imitating the spectacular vision viewed from the ceremony.

Another horrifying sight was the great number of homeless dogs roaming the streets of Sochi. Caught in shock by the great numbers of homeless dogs, some American athletes, in an act of compassion adopted a dog to bring back home and save from the awful fate the would face when caught.

In the failures of Russia, where they did not have the glamour and elaborate presentations, humanity filled in the hole with compassion.

Just like any Olympic Games there will always be room for improvement as the critics analyze every possible thing to give their review. The experience and the memories that are captured are the important part of the entire event. These bring all countries together to compete with sportsmanship, celebrating the winter sports, and the achievements of the athletes who personally and symbolically for their representation of their country.

The Sochi Winter Olympic games were successful in achieving that key factor in the Winter Olympics.

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