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Movie Review: Lego Movie

legoGo see the Lego Movie. No, really, go see it.

Warner Brothers’s animated feature starring Will Ferrel, Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Morgan Freeman and numerous other A-list stars is truly a movie for everyone. Be prepared for the films incredible ability to make legos more humorous than they already are.

The film is the timeless story of an ordinary protagonist becoming quite extraordinary. Emmet (voiced by Chris Pratt) is a very average lego-man. He follows the rules (just like most of us), does exactly what he is told to do (just like most of us) and never thinks for himself. He just builds things exactly how the instructions say. One day however Emmet stumbles on to a journey with some very unique lego pals that don’t really follow the rules.

The movie’s writers are of true genius. The script is funny yet thoughtful, smart but crazy. PG rated movies are not to be scoffed at and Lego Movie is a perfect example of why. Everyone will find their grins widening, everyone from children to adults.

The realistic nature of every scene is very pleasing to the eye. When first watching, each scene seems as if the directors use real legos in a stop-motion style; this is not entirely false. Real legos are used as templates for the CGI animators to create what is seen in the film. Some scenes even use real-life lego constructions as backdrops. Everything down to the dents and chips in the lego pieces are represented. The animators even took pictures of the actors and actresses faces to translate them into lego form to give them a very natural look.

The best part of the movie had to be seeing all the different legos. Anyone that had legos as a kid will pleasantly reminisce when they see how the buildings and characters are put together. Each pair of eyes in the audience will recognize many of the lego pieces that they looked at as a kid. We can all remember sitting in our rooms for hours when we bought a new set. After the pirate ship, cowboy salon or construction site was put together we would dissemble it and then create something of our very own.

Behind Lego Movie’s punches to the funny bone is its message to the individual—there is an Emmet inside all of us, ready to break away and build something of our very own.

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