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Game of Thrones Preview

“Joffrey, Cersei, Tywin Lannister, the Red Woman…”

There is no better way to start a Game of Thrones season four trailer than to hear Arya Stark list off the names of people she wants to kill, especially after what the blood bath viewers were left with at the end of last season.

Our beloved Game of Thrones returns in 43 days, but who is counting? HBO has now released two trailers revealing hints of what is to come from season four. As a reader of the book series, what I can promise is that this season will continue shocking and will satisfy many.

Season three left viewers with many open doors, Stannis, Davos, his army, and the Red Woman are heading North to the wall, Jon Snow has just betrayed the Wildlings and returned back to his brothers at the Wall, Robb Stark and Catelyn Stark are both dead thanks to the Freys, Arya is stuck with the Hound, Joffrey and the rest of King’s Landing are preparing for his marriage to Margaery, and well Dany has found a new army in Yunkai.

One trailer titled “Vengeance” promises plenty of revenge, and well a foreshadowing of a lot more blood to be spilled, but that is to be expected by now.

“I will do what queens do, I will rule,” if you did not get a tad over-excited when Dany said this you are lying. Dany seems to be planning big things with her new army and looks to be settling into the role as a ruler. Her quest for the throne is certainly underway. Not to mention her dragons are finally growing which will be an interesting development to her story.

Another wedding is in the works and when one thinks about a wedding in Game of Thrones they shudder. King’s Landing, or well Cersei, has been promising an extravagant wedding to take place. Maybe it is possible for this wedding to go smoothly and without thousands of men being slaughtered, we shall see.

With the Wildlings closing in on the Wall, and Stannis marching towards there with his army as well, it will be interesting to see how the Night’s Watch will handle the new company. Not to mention, Jon is back at the Wall after his adventures of pretending to be a Wilding (with a few broken vows may I add).

Tyrion looks like he has gotten himself into some trouble as he walks down a line of people handcuffed, “If you want justice, you’ve come to the wrong place.” If Tyrion is being tried for something in King’s Landing, with his beloved sister Cersei, and favorite nephew Joffrey, well good luck to you sir.

Game of Thrones season four, which premieres on Sunday April 6, looks to be promising big things. Just a reminder going into the new season, do not get attached to any characters because as the very end of the trailer reminds, “Valar Morghulis” … All men must die.

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