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Desperate Wannabe

First five posts in a daring new blog

Letter from the editor:

At the Voice, we pride ourselves in giving students an outlet for artistic expression. We believe writing is a form of release that should not be confined or chained due to content that might be deemed “controversial.” 

This new blog is a perfect example of that philosophy. Tom Martin is a junior at Suffolk who has showcased his substantial talent in the theatre department (directing his first play last fall titled “Daydream”) and now on the written page. This blog may contain bits and pieces that offend certain people, or make them uncomfortable. I think this is a good thing.

In my opinion, creative writing is only effective if it encompasses the passion of the writer, and evokes some sort of emotion out of the reader. The entries in this blog are not lies, slander, or intentionally obscene for the sake of being obscene, but are rather a very personal glimpse into the life of one man who finds comfort in expressing himself through his writing.

I applaud Tom for wanting to publish these works on The Voice, as I think they are exceptionally written and definitely worth a read. And without further adieu, here are the links to the first five entries into his blog, “Desperate Wannabe.” — Ethan Hartley

1.) “Perfectly Normal”

The first entry documents Tom’s early years growing up in a religious household while he battles with trying to come to terms with who he really is. He talks about lost friendships and the hardships of trying to be somebody that you’re not.

2.) “Social Disease”

Second, Tom documents an experience of getting sick freshman year and how easily mono can be spread during those formative freshman year days. It also includes plenty of awkward “freshman” moments that plenty of people can relate to.

3.) “If You’re Willing to Take the Risk”

Tom documents one of his most personal and private stories from his trip abroad in London, England.

4.) “She Doesn’t Live There Anymore”

Tom talks about his childhood best friend and how she vanished from his life altogether very suddenly, and how she contributed to his first directed play, “Daydream.”

5.) “You’re Just a Boy”

Tom opens up about a past experience that made him reevaluate who he was, what he was doing, and just how much growing up he still had to do.

Keep up to date with all future posts in “Desperate Wannabe” on his blog: and on The Voice at this link.

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