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Sochi Fails

I love the Olympics, especially the winter Olympics. I am following about twelve Olympic twitter accounts, a couple instagrams, I keep up with the news websites, and I have NBC on the TV at all times. But instead of pictures of the athletics preparing, of the arenas, merchandise, etc., the majority of my timelines are filled with complete Sochi fails.

I have collected a couple of my favorites, and these are just the tip of the Sochi Olympics iceberg.

1. Opening ceremony: One of the circles from the iconic Olympic trademark doesn’t open *sigh*

Sochi rings

2. The Olympic mascots look nothing like they do in the promos! In fact, they creep me out.

Sochi mascots

3. The toilets situation in Sochi is currently one of the most famous fails. Sharing a room, doable. Sharing a two toilet bathroom a couple inches away from each other? Come on Sochi.

4. Or if only one of you really have to go, you can still invite your friends!

toilet seats
5. Let’s not forget the bathroom guidelines. I would hope everyone would know better not to fish in a toilet, but thanks for the reminder.

more toilets
6.  Some of the bathrooms aren’t even finished. One Bobsledder got trapped inside, and had to bust through the bathroom door. *Reminder to everyone in Sochi, always travel with a buddy or your cell phone, nowhere is safe*

bathroom door escape
7. The hotel conditions are particularly disastrous. Reports of unfinished flooring, ceiling, no locks on doors, and/or no mattresses.

hotel rooms mess
8. Major plumbing problems have been reported. (Brown water coming from sinks and showers) *cringe*

9. But at least the grass looks really nice, right?

painting grass
(Yes, she is painting the grass green.)

10. I guess, all in all, it just isn’t exactly what we expected.

Sochi foolery

Alright Sochi, there is still time to turn it all around. It can’t get any worse right? But if it does you can follow all the fails on twitter


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