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Fun Facts for The Beatles 50th Anniversary

50 years ago, The Beatles appeared on “The Ed Sullivan Show” for the first time, and the world exploded.

sullivan beatles

They played for 73 million viewers, and changed the country and music forever.

crazy beatles fan

They were the kings of pop music, ruling over one of the biggest fandoms in history.

kings of pop

Beyond their seven years as a band, The Beatles have collected millions of fans. Beatlemania blew up the world.

beatles blowup

Their music continues to stay relevant, and so do the remaining members. Paul and Ringo are still making music, performing and continuing to show newbies of pop music how it is done.

relevant beatles

(Paul and Ringo recently performed together on the Grammys)

Not only are they famous for their music, but also they’re style quickly became relevant, and significant.

beatles significant

(Famous artist Max Dalton tributes to their ten years of fashion with an illustration of all four Beatles throughout their best ten years of fashion. Click here to see!)

They were not afraid to sing about controversial issues. As artists, they pushed their music to shock and challenge their audience.

controversial beatles

John and Paul are among the greatest song writers of all time. During 1962-1969 alone they created 180 songs alone.

beatles 180

Although all The Beatles have played for, and met the Queen, Paul was the only Beatle knighted. Not just because he is a great musician, but because he is an incredible humanitarian.

beatle knighted

To date, The Beatles have sold over one billion albums.

beatles one billion

They have 23 of the Top 500 songs of all time.

beatles 23

Their song “Yesterday”, from the album Help! is the most covered song in history.

beatles yesterday

The Beatles revolutionized the music scene, and their music continues to influence pop culture today.

beatles byebye

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