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25 Signs That You Attended Suffolk University

As the 20 Somerset Building Project moves full steam ahead, and we look forward to a Suffolk University that will be a vastly different experience for its students, The Voice wanted to compile a list of some things that current Suffolk students could relate to and laugh about. So here are 25 reasons that you know you attended Suffolk University; whether you’re presently enrolled or recently graduated.

You know you attended Suffolk University when…

25. You missed significant class time waiting for an elevator in Sawyer


24. You developed a smoking habit by just hanging out in front of Sawyer


23. You memorized the lunch rush times at Cafe 73 and avoid them at all costs


22. You’ve crossed a picket line outside the State House to get to class


21. You’ve witnessed healthy people wait for multiple minutes to take the elevator down or up one floor…it’s TEN STEPS people

Something's wrong

20. You can’t figure out how to travel between Archer and Donahue

no sense

19. You’ve had a mini heart attack when you click the “Submit” button to register for classes and it takes a long time to load


18. You’ve felt a mountainous wave of relief when it finally accepts your registration

Woods success

17. You’ve heard the joke about our “undefeated football team” at least once a year


16. All of your parent’s friends and your extended family ask how your law degree is coming along

Beleaguered Look

15. You pay upwards of $50,000 a year in tuition, but are still asked to be understanding about paying for printing and copying


14. You quickly learned a new definition of “on-campus housing” and quickly forgot the definition of “campus”


13. You have been almost carried away by wind during the winter months of spring semester


12. Half the kids you met freshman year transferred after their first semester

so fast

11. You have gotten over-excited about 10 cent wing nights at the Red Hat


10. You’ve overheard incredibly rich students talk about how expensive Boston is


9. You have had your belongings confiscated and sanity questioned while simply trying to buy an overpriced book


8. You were unable to sell back your overpriced book because a new edition came out mid-semester

book store

7. You got an email informing you of a serious issue with your program evaluation when your advisors told you everything was fine


6. You became aware that you had to fill out an application to graduate a week before the deadline because of Facebook posts…not Suffolk faculty



But despite all of this, we still love Suffolk because:

5. You’ve had at least the chance to study abroad somewhere amazing


4. You’ve formed a bond with at least one incredibly intelligent and connected professor


3. You’ve made some amazing friends that you couldn’t imagine life without


2. You’ve learned a lot about a field that you’re passionate for and know that if you’re proactive you’ll find exceptional opportunities


1. You’ve formed more pride for Suffolk than you’d ever admit

we cool

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