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10 Things To Do Before Graduating From Suffolk

For many of us at Suffolk, this is our last semester.  Some of us are terrified and have no idea what the future holds for us, while some lucky ones already have a plan and can’t wait to cross that stage.  However you’re feeling, all I ask is that you take time to focus on where you are in life right now.  You are never going to be at such a crossroads ever again.  We have our whole future ahead of us but luckily, for at least the next semester, we can still relax and act crazy.  So whether you do these ten things or not, that’s fine, then come up with your own list.  Just do something to embrace where you are right now!

1.    Read a good book or a bad book; just read.

And better yet make it a physical book.  That classic high school read that you never got to or that new release that has intrigued you, pick up a copy and go to a coffee shop or a park bench.  Just take time (that you won’t have after graduation) to back away from your life, your phone, and your present day world.

2.    Go for a walk. 

Who knows where you’re going to be after graduation? Boston is a beautiful city and way too often, whether we’re running from the T or to the bar or the gym or to our apartment, we forget to actually stop and just look around.  Take advantage of the free museums or the beautiful scenery. Embrace the time you have left here.

3.    Actually do your work.

I know, trust me, I’m having trouble convincing myself of this one.  But this is your last semester where the biggest challenge posed to you is to read those four chapters.  After this, you won’t have time to actually devote months to learning about a new subject in an environment that is created to cater to that learning.  So turn off Teen Mom 2 and actually do your work.

4.    Do something you couldn’t get yourself to do these last four years.

That cute guy that’s been in all your classes, ask him out.  You’ve always wanted to skip a class but never had the nerve?  Do it.  Never stayed out all night?  Why not? Do you hate speaking up in class?  Go for it.  Just do it.

5.    Leave the negativity behind. 

Whether it be coming from yourself or someone around you.  This is your chance to get rid of it.  Don’t let negativity take away a second from what should be the greatest semester yet.

6.    Pursue your dreams like crazy.

But don’t try to be a professional just yet.  I know so many of us say we’re so ready to graduate and be done with it but lets not run away too fast.  Send out those resumes, make those connections, network like crazy but don’t fill your schedule to the point that you can’t enjoy being a 21-year-old in one of the greatest cities in the world.

7.    Reach out.

In your future, you will probably never be in an environment that is as open as a college.  Where else can you literally take a class filled with people, mostly your age, interested in the same subject as you? Join that club. Invite your new classmates out to dinner.  Don’t be complacent with what you’ve built for yourself these last four years, keep building.

8.    Say thank you or if you feel it, say I love you. 

Don’t let things go unsaid.  To your parents who helped you get here.  To the teachers that helped you finish.  To the friends that made this the greatest four years of your life.

9.    Stop and think.

Really think about what you want from your future and how you are going to get it.  Be proactive. Or think about how far you’ve come these last few years.  Be proud.  Just take time to actually put yourself first and think about yourself.

10.    Get the excitement back.

Remember how excited you were when you first started at Suffolk that you were so close to Newbury Street or the Public Garden? Find that excitement again. Remember why you came to Suffolk and Boston. Revisit your favorite Freshmen year spot or call up that roommate from Freshmen year and catch up on how horrendous those Allston house parties were.

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  • Gabby Womack

    I completely agree with your advice, Rebecca! Great article 🙂

  • Papa

    Becca, I’m so proud of you. This is a cornerstone article that demonstrates your hard work these past eight years. You dedicated yourself to your education, and it shows. Keep up the good work. All my love, Papa.


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