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NHL Power Rankings: Week Eleven

1.) Anaheim Ducks (23-7-5; 51 points) (#2, Week Ten):

A five win streak has the Ducks atop the Pacific Division with 51 points. Also, they’re 13-0-2 at home, which is simply remarkable. – Lenny Rowe

2.) Chicago Blackhawks (24-7-5; 53 points) (#1, Week Ten):

What is there to say about this team? They’ve killed it all year and continue to kill it. – Ashley Proctor

3.) St. Louis Blues (22-6-4; 48 points) (#4, Week Ten):

The Blues are solid all around, with the second most goals in the league and the best goal differential at +36. – LR

4.) Pittsburgh Penguins (24-10-1; 49 points) (#7, Week Ten):

They have suffered one loss in the month of December and are on a four game win streak despite their lack of defense. I guess just offense can win hockey games. –AP

5.) Vancouver Canucks (20-10-5; 45 points) (#9, Week Ten):

A seven win streak has the Canucks roaring. Plus throw in Luongo posting a .967 save percentage and a shutout in his last five starts? Consider your tires pumped, Vancouver. – LR

6.) Los Angeles Kings (22-8-4; 48 points) (#8, Week Ten):

This team is quietly moving up the ranks, not just these ranks, but also the league ranks. They currently sit in 2nd place in their division … a division that is not one to laugh at. –AP 

7.) Boston Bruins (22-9-2; 46 points) (#6, Week Ten):

Pretty impressive road trip for the Bruins, despite a depleted roster. They won three out of four, before losing to Vancouver, 6-2. – LR

8.) San Jose Sharks (20-7-6; 46 points) (#3, Week Ten):

The Sharks have hit quite the slump in December. If they don’t watch out they will be out of a playoff spot before they know it. –AP

9.) Colorado Avalanche (22-9-1; 45 points) (#10, Week Ten):

Battle between the Avs and the Wild for the third seed in the Central. Currently, Colorado holds a two point advantage with 45. They’ve cooled off from their dominant start, but let’s see how they match up against the Kings and Hawks this week.– LR

10.) Washington Capitals (18-12-3; 39 points) (#14, Week Ten):

Their wins may not be pretty, and they may not be in the toughest division, but let’s give some credit where credit is due. This team is not that bad. They would be a lot worse if it was not for Alex Ovechkin who continues to be godlike. –AP  

11.) Minnesota Wild (19-11-5; 43 points) (#11, Week Ten):

Sure they beat the Avs, 2-1, but they just aren’t lighting the lamp as much as they should be. Harding is still killing it though. – LR

12.) Montreal Canadiens (20-12-3; 43 points) (#5, Week Ten):

This team is seriously struggling in the goal-scoring department; maybe the Penguins can lend them some offense? –AP

13.) Detroit Red Wings (15-11-9; 39 points) (#12, Week Ten):

Injuries have really decimated this team. Luckily we get an inside look at how they’ll battle through it next Sunday on HBO’s 24/7. – LR

14.) Dallas Stars (15-12-5; 35 points) (#17, Week Ten):

They have lost 3 of their last 4. The Stars are nowhere near a playoff spot because their division is ridiculous. I’m still not quite sure why we have them so high. –AP

15.) Tampa Bay Lightning (19-11-3; 41 points) (#15, Week Ten):

Favorable schedule ahead for the Lighting. Isles, Panthers, and Canes. Ben Bishop. Still a tank. – LR

16.) Toronto Maple Leafs (17-15-3; 37 points) (#16, Week Ten):

I mean, they had their first regulation win against Chicago in 14 games on Saturday… -AP

17.) Nashville Predators (16-14-3; 35 points) (#23, Week Ten):

I think the Preds should call up a rookie by the name of Joonas Rask from their AHL affiliate. He’s a forward, but throw some pads on him. I’m sure he’d be a beastly goalie. – LR

18.) Carolina Hurricanes (14-13-7; 35 points):

This team might technically be losing their games, but they have picked up points in 6 of their 7 last games. –AP

19.) Winnipeg Jets (15-15-5; 35 points) (#21, Week Ten):

Hey, with 35 points they’re tied for dead last in Central. Who are they tied with? Dallas and Nashville. Yikes. LR

20.) New York Rangers (16-17-1; 33 points) (#18, Week Ten):

Their month of December has been pretty dismal. This past week for them is no different … 3 losses and 1 shootout win. What happened to this team? –AP


21.) Philadelphia Flyers (14-15-4; 32 points) (#22, Week Ten):

The Flyers are back and they’re chasing down Carolina (35 points) for the third seed in the Metro. Problem is, Steve Mason, who was on fire earlier this year has been awful of late. He’s also cost me two weeks in fantasy hockey. – LR

22.) Phoenix Coyotes (18-9-5; 41 points) (#13, Week Ten):

They had a mild week with 2 wins and 1 loss. Not much to say about them –AP

23.) New Jersey Devils (13-15-6; 32 points) (#20, Week Ten):

Reaaally inconsistent netminding for the Devils. Not much scoring all around either. Jaromir Jagr is leading the team with 11 goals, 17 assists. Other than that? Meh. – LR

24.) Ottawa Senators (14-15-6; 34 points)  (#24, Week Ten):

They took points from 6 of their 7 past games. They also cleanly beat the Sabres (which as we all know is not that hard to do). –AP

25.) Calgary Flames (13-15-5; 31 points) (#25, Week Ten):

Rough schedule ahead: Bruins, Wings, Pens, Blues. Flame-out. –LR

26.) Columbus Blue Jackets (14-16-4; 32 points) (#27, Week Ten):  

The Jackets split their games this past week, 2 wins and 2 losses. I mean they haven’t been terrible for losing their number one goalie. –AP

27.) Florida Panthers (12-17-5; 29 points) (#28, Week Ten):

Tim Thomas for Team USA? Yeah, right. ‘Merica. – LR

28.) Edmonton Oilers (11-21-3; 25 points) (#26, Week Ten):

I mean they’re not a great team but it doesn’t help that they are in the West … with the best teams in the league. – AP

29.) New York Islanders (9-19-6; 24 points) (#29, Week Ten):

Yikes. 1-6-3 in their last ten. This squad had promise too. — LR

30.) Buffalo Sabres (7-23-3; 17 points) (#30, Week Ten):

I’ve run out of jokes for this one … -AP


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