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NFL Power Rankings: Week 11

32.) Jacksonville Jaguars (1-9): A week removed from their first win of the season, the Jaguars DID disappoint. Their pass defense was horrendous against the Cardinals. – Daveson Perez 

The Panthers caught a break at the end against New England, shooting them into the top 10. (AP Photo)

The Panthers caught a break at the end against New England, shooting them into the top 10. (AP Photo)


31.) Atlanta Falcons (2-8): The Falcons have just gotten worse and worse since losing Julio Jones. The games they have left are tough and they may not win another game all season. – Collin McQuade

30.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-8): With Doug Martin out, it was Bobby Rainey’s time to shine. He ran for 163 yards and scored three touchdowns to help lead the Bucs to their second win of the season over the struggling Falcons. –DP

29.) Minnesota Vikings (2-8): Adrian Peterson didn’t have an unbelievable rushing game and the Vikings lost.  Coincidence? I think not. -CM

28.)  Washington Redskins (3-7): RGIII did not deliver the goods at all for the first three quarters on Sunday. He was shutout by the Eagles defense, until the fourth quarter when he finally got it together. -DP

27.) Houston Texans (2-8): The Texans need to get it together. They have Matt Schaub playing again and Andre Johnson can’t do it all. – CM

26.)  New York Giants (4-6): It was a rough start but the Giants are silently on a four-game winning streak after beating the Aaron Rodgers-less Packers. – DP

25.) Baltimore Ravens (4-6): Ray Rice finally got his game back and began running the ball well. However, the game still got away from them and it’s looking like a losing season for the Ravens. – CM

24.) Cleveland Browns (4-6): The idea that maybe the Browns would have at least a minor shot at winning the division is more than an afterthought at this point. – DP

23.) Oakland Raiders (4-6): Rashad Jennings had over 100 yards after contact and ran his team to victory. If this trend keeps going, we could see something happen in Oakland. But with Denver and KC in the same division, I’m not sure. – CM

22.) Pittsburgh Steelers (4-6): Much like the Giants, the Steelers are taking their rough start to the season and making a concerted effort to turn things around. They had a huge win this past week versus a very formidable Lions team. – DP

21.) Buffalo Bills (4-7): EJ Manuel was incredibly accurate Sunday and his two touchdowns led to the victory this past week. Next week…we’ll see. – CM

20.)  St. Louis Rams (4-6): Bye week for the Rams Sunday. They are definitely going to need the extra rest because this upcoming week they face the relentless Chicago Bears. – DP

19.) San Diego Chargers (4-6): This team goes as Phillip Rivers goes and he didn’t go well last weekend. He needs to have a better completion percentage and stop throwing the ball to the other team. – CM

18.)  Tennessee Titans (4-6): Chris Johnson showed a small glimpse of the running back that he once was Sunday. He scored two early touchdowns in the first quarter, effectively giving the Colts, who eventually ended up winning the game, a scare. – DP

17.)  Miami Dolphins (5-5): The Dolphins are beginning to get yards after the catch and move the ball down field. That works for a defense that is starting to play much better. – CM

16.) New York Jets (5-5):  This team is incredibly inconsistent. One would think that after a huge win against the Saints last week the Jets would steam roll right by the Bills. That wasn’t the case, as the Jets rollercoaster season continues. – DP

15.)  Philadelphia Eagles (6-5): Philly’s defense used their nine-technique defense to contain RGIII, although he did score outside the pocket. The D was successful inside with a sack and a pick. – CM

14.) Green Bay Packers (5-5): Green Bay misses Aaron Rodgers. Without him teams are confident that they will be able to put a halt on the Packers only other offensive threat: Eddie Lacy. – DP

13.) Arizona Cardinals (6-4): The Cards have won three straight games and are looking like a good football team. The only problem is they play in the same division with the Seahawks and 49ers. – CM

12.)  Dallas Cowboys (5-5): Jason Pierre Paul has already acknowledged that there will be blood against the Cowboys. Hope Tony Romo stacked up on Band-Aids and peroxide. – DP

11.)  Chicago Bears (6-4): Josh McCown played well in Jay Cutler’s absence and used Martellus Bennet very well in the passing game. If the quarterback play keeps up, the Bears could be a contender. -CM

10.) Detroit Lions (6-4): The Lions played very well, their defense just wasn’t efficient enough to prevent Big Ben from getting down the field late with two clutch touchdown passes in the fourth quarter. – DP

9.) San Francisco 49ers (6-4): Colin Kaepernick might not be the QB he was marketed as last season. He isn’t playing well and isn’t completing passes. Unfortunately, the 49ers go as he goes. – CM

8.)  Carolina Panthers (7-3): The Panthers showed exactly why they are now on a six-game winning streak with that win over the Patriots. They have the best front seven in football, led by the football-seeking linebacker that is Luke Kuechly. – DP

7.) Cincinnati Bengals (7-4): Andy Dalton isn’t playing well at all and had running back numbers in the passing game. Somehow, the Bengals won and put up points but don’t look for it to last. – CM

6.) Kansas City Chiefs (9-1): Alex Smith and the Chiefs finally got a taste of the big leagues and they did not impress. In Sunday’s game against the Broncos, Alex Smith was unable to put together a solid drive down field in the fourth quarter. – DP

5.) New England Patriots (7-3): The Pats had a tough loss on a tough call that no one agrees with. Having said that, it is still a loss, but we won’t penalize them for it too much they are still a good football team. – CM

4.) New Orleans Saints (8-2): Drew Brees was absolutely flattened by a hit that he described as a “clothesline hit” by Ahmad Brooks with 3:12 left in the fourth quarter. The flag on the hit led to yet another game-winning drive added to Brees’s catalogue. – DP

3.) Indianapolis Colts (7-3): It seemed the Colts brought Trent Richardson in to push Donald Brow. And it is working. He is averaging one of the highest rushing totals in the league and continues to run hard. -CM

2.) Seattle Seahawks (10-1): It wasn’t even fair for the Vikings to face this Seahawks defense after what they’ve been going through this season. They were simply a warm up for the Hawks who will have the tall task of facing Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints next week. – DP

1.) Denver Broncos (9-1): Denver won the Clash of the Titans and this gives them the No. 1 spot. They held Jamaal Charles in check, which seemed to be the key. They also kept Peyton Manning untouched and that is always a good thing. – CM

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