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Art Review: She Who Tells a Story Exhibition

IMG_1702She Who Tells a Story is an exhibition hosted by the Museum of Fine Arts about the pioneering work of twelve leading women photographers from Iran and the Arab world.

It consists on a selection of stories of major social and political issues represented by photojournalism. The photographs speak for the Middle Eastern women who do not have a voice in their countries. The portraits are provocative and they challenge the Middle Eastern identity.

The photographers also explore a wide variety of themes as gender stereotypes, peace and war, personal life, and power. By showing some confrontational and even shocking pictures, the portraits show the pain and the reality of these women through art.

IMG_1700However, the exhibition is more than just art represented on portraits; it brings awareness to the issues of Iran and Arab. It focuses on lack of human rights that women sometimes experience in those countries. Revolutionary female artists discuss the theme of Middle Eastern uniqueness with power, passion, fearlessness and vulnerability. These women artists present not only demonstrations of the female gender in the Arab world, but express how these demonstrations and perceptions build a real and an imaginary cultural identity.

Each and every picture displayed on the Museum of Fine Arts is expressive and unique and it is worth checking it out. The exhibition will be open for public until January 12th, 2014.

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